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Major Point Deduction


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I attacked somebody with a single Elemental III and won the fight, but it substracted 79000 experience from me. I know that experience can be deducted, but how do I lose that much XP from a single fight? It dropped me all the way down to zero. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

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[quote name='Grido' post='22870' date='Dec 23 2008, 07:06 PM']what MP are you? you shouldnt be able to loose player xp unless you're in MP5

and if you know how, it'sperfectly possible to do that[/quote]
actually you can lose creature xp at any level its just personal xp you can lose only at mp5

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it's quite easy: you get 1 xp for every single point of damage you deal to your opponent.
that means, if your opponent starts with an overall vit of 15k points and you kill him off, you get 15k xp, devided up on all your surviving creatures. If he starts at 12k and you only manage to get him down to 2k before the battle ends, you get 10k xp.
You can even lose the battle and still gain xp, like you start with 20k, your opponent with 10k, and the battle ends when you are at 5k and you opponent at 4k, you would still get 6k xp (devided on your survivng creatures).
But, if you think that further, getting one xp for one point damage leaves a little gate open for losses, too.
If your opponent starts at 10k and goes up to 15k before the battle ends, he has healed 5k vit, and that's the same as if you were dealing a negative damage of 5k, if you get what i mean.
So, if 4k vit you take from your opponent makes 4k xp PLUS on your creatures, it also means that if your opponent gains 5k / loses -5k vit, that outcome will give you NEGATIVE 5k xp, making you lose 5k xp on the creatures in the fight.

and the high number only results from the simple fact that your opponent knew what he was doing and doesn't want to be attacked xD

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that just means that at the end of the battle, your opponent had only 53% of the vit left he had when starting the fight, the % do not give a good image of the actual results, because they don't include the damage and healing that has been done while the battle was running.
example: if you heal 10k over the time and get 10k damage from your opponent, the outcome will be a 0% for you.
If you regen over your max health (like when using a hollow warrior on a full creature), you gain vit-points, but they won't be there in battle, so your opponent can't take them down anymore. If you do that and gain 10k through it, and then take 5k damage, the outcome might be something like 50%, 20% or 80%, depending on how much vit you had when starting, but the xp will get calculated from the actual gains and losses while battle, like 5k damage plus 10k negative damage => -5k xp

that's what happend to you, because losing 70k is just not possible when your opponent doesn't do regen xD

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