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Happy anniversary of birth date, MBman.


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Don't worry. Even if no one else wants to create a celebratory birthday topic for you, I will! After all, you [i]are[/i] a faithful member of the forums, rightho? I suppose it's sad that I have more posts than you, calling myself an Outsider, but I have more posts than everyone besides Chewett and dst, anyway.

Anyway, yeah. You're always accusing me of hate, but really, I am your most dedicated follower~! I really am true to my word!

[center][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"]All Hail [s]Britannia[/s] The Bunny Empire![/color][/font][/center][center][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"] (\[/color][/font][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"][ ̄[/color][/font][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"]]/)
t([/color][/font][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"] ̄ー ̄t[/color][/font][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"])[/color][/font][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"]
All Hail [s]Lelouch[/s] The Lord Of Bunnies![/color][/font]

[/center]No? But I'm the only one who celebrates the birth of your awesomeness.

Ohohoho! :3

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ooh someone made this during my exam, so i didnt have to :P

i told MB i'd make it if nobody else did by *looks at time* now :)

so Happy Birthday MB!!! may your wisdom grow in that extra addition to your age

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Ah, Che, but what is a post count save for a number noted by the overconscious? The fact would remain that I have contributed far more than he ever has. In fact, the majority of his few posts are spam, it is!

Ohoho, look, a surprising number of people have posted. *__* No doubt trying to increase their post count.

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It means that rather than doing homework I'll submit to anything. I posted this topic the early morning of the day my history DBQ was due, note the time.


EDIT: Oh, I can't resist it after all.

"Oh, I didn't want to say it, but actually, I do want to say it, which is why I'm saying it, and I just said that because, oh, I'm such a nimrod. An awesome nimrod, mind you. Well, I wish I was."


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