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Alliance Battle Royal


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ghost ritual bug is fixed :P

it doesnt says anything about how battle between alliances is decided who is winner and whos not, by damage? by wins? by defenses? if alliance has 5 members it will take whole day to do fights for 32 members so thats 32 times 32 that makes it 1024 unique fights, also what if not all members are online at required time, it will take ages :)) no offense but this is too badly made, too much holes, and personally i am not interested in this sort of alliance fight, call for land war and we will see each other there, all this is not interesting to me :P

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Ok, there are some issues here:
1)Don't force players to use 5 or more creatures. Because if you do then the hole purpose of the word strategy is flushed to the toilet. As you know there are certain types of attacks that can be countered by the number of crits. So: leave the player to choose the number of creatures. No not force 5 or more.
2)No crits of the same type is also a bat thing. It will limit immensely the variety of rituals so it will spoil the fun.
The 0% ve is the one that will assure a fair combat (where not the stats but the strategy is important) so all the other things (the 2 i mentioned above) will just spoil the fun and will limit the combat to few strategies. I don't even know how many different rits you are able to make with the existing creatures.

So, please change the rules or we'll end up in useless fights.

Later edit: 32 members are a way too much. Reduce to 10 or maybe less.
Later later edit: I do love the idea though :P

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We have to discuss Sage. The idea is awesome but in their rush for fairness they forgot things. A good strategist must have options. I agree: drachorns should be limited to one (there are players that don't even have one) but the other creatures...why?

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Breaks the "NO Ritual with 2 of the same creatures". Although....it sys only about 2 creatures...I can use 3 or 4 or 5 cause it seems there are allowed.:D
Granos, rules can be bent if they are not really specific. Also don't leave doors opened cause we might use them.

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ok, since I had this idea for a longer time then most of you even played I'll say how I imagined it:

game "no one" style fighting :D

Who can play
- who wants to join the tournament joins (an MP1 should be created with all the necessary creatures so that MP4 can join the fights)

The rules of fights:
- there are only 0% fights
- max VE creatures is not mandatory
- no collection creatures & no special creatures (no drachorns, no jokers, no santa, or whatever) just plain basic creature

- fight against given rituals -> best scores (most beaten rituals & sum of damage given - sum of damage taken)
- fights among players 1 attack & 1 defense (unknown rituals) -> best man wins (sum of damage given - sum of damage taken for each pair of players)
- best ritual -> each player has the right to subscribe a ritual for "fight against given rituals" and in the end the ritual that beaten most players / gave most damage will win

The rituals subscribed will not be available for public until the beginning of the game, they MUST be subscribed by in-game PM. And there are maximum of 2 rituals subscribed. All rituals are defending rituals.

Prizes : nothing fancy, maybe a badge (I really like them). As this should be for honor & knowledge :D .
Prizes for this kind of games should be ... addable ??? ... I mean that by the end of the year, one can have 2 first place and 1 second place for 1 category , no prize for a second one , and 1 third place in the third category.

So, what do you say ?

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Further Updates Shall Be Posted When The Time Is Right....

We Knew some Leap Holes and other things would be open Thus we Posted it with time to see the reaction of People and to get their point of view. Now there is No Battle Day Yet as we have to still fix a few things and all the information we get here we will take and attempt to accomedate everyone. As for the who will be declared winner and such things once again Further Updates will be posted.

So Keep Suggesting of any possible leap holes or anything that you see incorrect.

P.S. Further Updates Will Be Done By this Saturday

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When will this take place?
Im using a Mac which by mysterious reason doesnt seem to work with MD. All i can do is log in and use alliance chat and read my pms since the main screen disappears and everything below (and the) chat disappears. Now im stuck on Willows shop with millions of people attacking me (and my random rits which seem to make some people have trouble getting past my randomness o_0) :D
Can't move, can't make new rituals, cant attack, cant chat. All this untill Feb. 5th :D

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Location: Underway Crosspaths

How it Works:

- Each alliance will face each other in a round robin tournoment, in which alliance matchings will be done at random. Every Round is an Elimination Round Until the Final 2 remain.
- Every Alliance is to Submit 8 Members that they wish to represent the alliance.
- Yes, this tournoment is open to all LHOs and RPCs, the only MP4 and higher. Also if the fighter has spells then he may cast them on himself only.

Combat Rules:

-The Battle Log Should be Sent to me and I will Mark the Winner
- All Rituals will be in Defense
- NO Ghost Rituals,
- NO Single Creature Rituals,
- NO Ritual with 2 or more of the same creatures
- Rituals Must have atleast 2 creatures
- Spell Casting on oneself only
- Rituals at 0% VE

All Alliances That Wish To Participate Contact Me .Junior. with a full list of 8 Alliances Members You Will Take Into Combat, This List may Only be Submited By The Alliance Leader. (or the next in command)

I Need the List as soon as possible the Alliance Battle Royale Shall Take Place February 13-14.

Stay Tune For Match Ups.....

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Jun, I need to add some things and also ask you to change some of the rules.

First of all this:"NO Ritual with 2 or more of the same creatures " - this is not a good rule cause it will reduce drastically the number of rituals one can create and the "strategy" on which you want to base your tournament will be useless.
Second: you need to add this: No special creatures in the rituals. If you don't then I can tell you right now the alliance which will win: the won with who has the most members with drachorns (rust or normal).
Third:what do you mean by:All Rituals will be in Defense. If you say that the rituals should not have combos then I agree with you: ve will be important in this battle so a combo is a no no
Forth: Rituals at 0% VE you mean 0% pray power, right? :)

Also you say 8 vs 8. How ill that go? 1 will attack 8 opponents and he/she will be attacked by others 8? Because it will not work: I am an mp6 and few know how to attack an mp6. See my point?

Please consider what I have said above before starting the contest. What I can tell you right now is that I will not take part if this: NO Ritual with 2 or more of the same creatures is not changed because it will be useless and no fun. I want to see smart strategies not the same strategy at every player.

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Hey! What do you mean only for mp4s and mp5s? Isn't enough HC excludes mp6? Now this? No way! Also the attacker has a bonus only if his rit has a combo. If not then it's not important who attacks first.

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