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Yeah.. the cause of it is pretty apparent, but I figured I might as well report it for the record in case nobody ever noticed. The links at the bottom of the page ingame and when viewing players' external pages no longer link to the right location, just [url="http://magicduel.com/layout.php#"]http://magicduel.com/layout.php#[/url] or [url="http://magicduel.com/#"]http://magicduel.com/#[/url].

It shouldn't be that hard to fix. /: Although, I'm sure Manu has better things to do and it's not that important since nobody really cares anyway about those documents, etc etc. -__-

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unfortunately i found somewhere some reviews for game, and i think on two sites which wrote review 2 years ago (and didnt updated it) there is mentioned as bad thing that magicduel doesnt have written yet privacy policy and tos, well its not a big deal, but if i remember good, this sites were in top 20 while i was searching on google, so you rate it for yourself is that a good ad or not :D

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Pshh.. MD has a lot bigger problems than those missing docs, I wouldn't even note that in a critical review. :P I mean, it is supposed to be in alpha anyway, although it tries to be an official game at the same time.

And yeah the links used to work, or that's what I remember at least. Hum.. that's what I remember, but I can't remember any actual content of the documents... Muhmuhmuhmuh doesn't matter much. -.-

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