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Permanent potions


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maybe it is a bug...

Yesterday I bought the last potion for increase the maximum life points. It was a permanent booster, so my max life musted increase (from 500 to 1000 points) like all other times I bought this potions. But this time it didn't worked. Only I received a refull of my life (and not increased) and a +1 of all my stats (attack, defence, power and so on).

Maybe the last bottle of this potion give this effect and not increase the max points? Or maybe it is a bug...

Tankyou for your attention.

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I think I bought the right potion for increase the max life points.... but of course maybe I became crazy and I saw wrong... without a log of things bought I can't be sure sure sure at 100000%. So maybe I bought the potion for stats. Better this, it means that there isn't a bug :)

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Or... the potion was out of stock (VE potion had only 3 bottles on it, maybe 5 on the new one). The one that gave +1 to all stats was the bottle of memory thingy, so maybe it ran out, and because the bottle replaced the position of the vitality elixir, you clicked it instead =)

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