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The Quest for Nature's Sword


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I am BlackThorn. Bard and Voice of the Root. I Welcome you to the Wild Wood, a deeper part of Loreroot. Here you will have to watch your every step, or the forest may just swallow you up. If you decide you can handle the challenge.....then answer the call for adventure, and go on a dangerous quest to find a lost artifact of Loreroot. The rewards for success are great, But so too is the cost of failure.

sign up and state why you should be chosen.

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uhm... after cryxus, it feels a bit weird, but i have nothing such fancy on why you should choose me...
I am just a normal being, i have no special gifts, but i'm not afraid to take the next step, whereever it may take me

quickwitted, strong, fast and armed (me likes my glove^^)

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this sounds interesting, and since ya all are writing nice things let me see what i can tell

Paladin Liberty, Servant of Light

veteran warrior, proficient with sword, tactician, knows how to cast some spells

now, my reason to join this quest, well i would be glad to help if this is of important matter, if this is for greater cause then i will be glad to aid fellow lorerootians, if not, if this is just a treasure hunt, with no real reason, then i dont want to join, i am not a thief, treasures should remain at places they are as shown of respect, to obtain a artifacts, there must be very good reason

you decide if you want me or not

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I am natuarally curious, so exploring sounds fun. I can shapeshift as well as use elemental magic, and heal others, even at a cost to myself. I could be quite useful on a dangerous expedition. My elemental magic can keep us safe at times, and my shapeshifting can either scare off predators and get us out of sticky situations, as well as become something small to fit in small area's if needed. *grins* Please consider me, if nothing else.

Edit : Sadly, I must withdraw from this expedition, as I may be leaving soon. I do not know how long I will be gone, but it may be long enough to keep me from going on this expedition.

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Silver Renard

Flame wielding shapeshifter who is at home in natural areas.

I'm a fox..... I survive in nature all the time. As a cunning hunter and tracker, I should be able to move through the area with little danger to myself. Also, since I can CONTROL my flames, I'm not liable to burn the whole forest down like those who would need to cast spells to defend themselves. Using my shapeshifting, I could get to places others could not. Using my illusions, I could ward off many forms of danger by making it believe there was something there that was not.

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a half demon necrovion soldier whos equipped and train to deal non corporeal problems

it never hurts to have a guy willing to die I'm that guy and am as at home in loreroot as I am in necrovion, useful in a fight and in finding food to, and sometimes I see problems from a diffent point of view which may be useful

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I, Calyx of Isis, Priestess of Isis and the Root, holder of secrets for Loreroot, desire to undertake this challenge.

Also, my friend Siala Lone Wolf, Ranger, Herbalist, and J.O.A.T. of Loreroot would like to undertake this quest. As she hasn't her own forum account, she asked me post her name.


A friend asked me to add more information:

Calyx is a diplomat, one who does with words what others do with swords. Thus I created the dojo and changed the way people see this world. As priestess of Isis I am a force for the light, a powerful healer and shaman. As Shaman I fight the dark forces that invade this world with my spiritual power. I have been inducted into the secrets of the Root and know and wield the magics and power's of the trees, plants, minerals, and waters of Loreroot.

Siala asked me to paste this in:

I was born in Loreroot and have lived in its woods and fields all my life. As a ranger I know all the paths and all the animals, plants, and herbs. I have spent my life practicing archery, learning to set bones, heal with my hands, and discovering the powers of herbs. My herbal blends are known around Loreroot and in Necrovion as I am now Married to Khalazdad. Loreroot is my home, I am sworn to protrct it. If there are parts I have never seen, I want to gain access to them.

Also, I am a J.O.A.T. -- Jill (Jack?) of all trades. If it needs to be done, I've probably done it or can figure out how to do it in no time flat. It's what I do. (And yes, I clean windows and toilets if that's what needed of me!)

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Aia del Mana, Priestess of Moon's Light

A wandering soul, banished from the Sanctum of Mana for her taint of darkness, arising from the sorcery she was forced to perform in her previous realm when it was overthrown by forces of darkness. Among the most terrible of these rituals is the binding of souls to new vessels, tearing them from a living body, and imprisoning them in another vessel.

Upon hearing about Nature's Sword, she believes that such a relic contains a bound soul, and wishes to release it, to grant it its freedom, or at least, to commune with the soul contained within it.

As the Priestess of Moon's Light, she has the ability to channel moonbeams, and to scry its reflection in still waters. She is a dreamer, one who envisions purification, the undoing of past wrongs, and ultimately, utopia. She often daydreams - and loses herself in them.

(By the by, I really think Karak should be in this quest. His role fits so nicely.)

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DarkPriestess, Daughter of Khalazdad and child of Necrovion, used to darkness and danger. The desolate lands of Necrovion are well known for swallowing people whole, but I can survive easily in that realm.

My seduction techniques allow me to gain good relations with those around me and calm situations when they get aggressive. Also influence those enemies who may otherwise cause trouble for the group. My beautiful scent may also come in handy for taming beasts.

I want to help the Lorerootians to demonstrate the strength of the Necrovion/Lorerootian treaty and show the binding of a necrovian’s word. Such a perilous task undertaken by the only daughter of Khalazdad would be a true demonstration of the real worth of the treaty that has been made.

My only combat companion is my Father's sword, the Tainted, if needed.

Daughter of Khalazdad
Princess of the Evening Blue Sky

At your service.

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I, Lucius Tarquinus Superbus, offer my blade and my cunning. Though I am not quite so mighty as Cless or Lightsage, I am no weakling in battle. I am nearly without fear.

Mine Intended, the Priestess Aia del Mana, hath volunteered for this quest. Wheresoever she goeth, I am bound to follow.

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Karak, Captain Knights of the Full Moon, Warrior Monk, Moon Relic Hunter.

I put myself forward, not for my military prowess, but for the attunement to items such as these that the Goddess hath granted me.

Though I may contribute to its uncovering, I would leave its wielding to others more suited, if indeed it is to be wielded.

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