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[center]I was merely curious what the players would like to see in an alliance, whether it be more fighting, tensions between alliances, sneaky back alley types, more structure within existing alliances... Remember this could concern existing alliances, or you could talk about non-existant ones, i want to hear from you.

I am deeply interested in what you have to say on the subject.

~Captain Cryxus X'hal~[/center]

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i would also like to see more sturcture, i know i mentioned it, but i feel that there isnt enough interest for the alliances to focus outwardly because they are too busy with inward issues, i think there should be a (dont kill me people...) change in the way alliance leaders are determined to make it less easy to overtaken... or even something as a grace period for the current leader to take back the alliance, like make those under a leader cap at a set loyalty under the leader... anyhow i dunno how well recieved this will be... just an idea

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there surely will be ways, but i'd still like it =D

and...jumping to someone will only cause people to get trapped, so i don't really see the big troubles... just little ones :lol:

but i see what you mean, lib^^
but i'd suggest that leaders can pick a second/co-leader from their ally, which should get the powers of the leader (excluding kicking the leader, while the leader should still be able to either demote or kick the co-leader)
that's what i'd like to see... some leaders are really totally inactive, and a second in command with powers like the leader and the 'jump to'button would be helpful sometimes... just my 2 cents

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