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[quote name='Grim Angel' post='25978' date='Feb 25 2009, 01:03 PM']A multi select thing (or scrolling down to select lots in seconds) would be useful for disbanding 50 disbanded single tree rits ><'[/quote]

I agree, but why not just not even have to disband the rits. their useless once they don't work. A lil caption that says "bla bla rit" has lost all of its creatures and has been disbanded would suffice.

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I like the idea of the 'tick boxes'. It would be great to click multiple rituals and be able to disban them all at one more click, instead of clicking and deleting one by one by one...:) Just my two cents, though..

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I want a tick box that allows me to select from varying types of men and to decide if they should be covered in chocolate or not.

I await the new development with eager anticipation.

*looks completely serious* :)

Edit: Jaz's idea is pretty nice, though...

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we've asked for that loads of times already...

manu keeps saying that the game isn't supposed to go at lightspeed and the current system can easily keep up with the regen-timer, and imo, he's right^^

if you don't want to unbind tons of rits, don't set defs that are likely to lose ;-)

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