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Help Renavoid- who is with me?


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There is already a topic on how to help him, theories and such, but what I want here is to see who is willing to help try to get him back.

I, for one, want to at least attempt to get Renavoid out of harms way. To retrieve him...in whatever form that may be, and I will be steadfast and constant in this matter so do not try to sway me, opposing arguments will land on deaf ears on this occassion.

My reasons for wanting him back are my own. I simply want to know who is willing to help me.

Stand against if you will, you have your reasons for doing so - and I have mine for wanting to oppose those reasons.

Undoubtedly any efforts made may be in vain, but for those who care, not to try would be the greatest regretable fault.

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I'm with you.

The AL states that he may not be in the house. But our characters have no way of knowing that.
Plus, Dark Trial is incurably curious about that house and it's possible links to the very ancient "liquid fear" that was banished from Loreroot so long ago.

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