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Costumes for Spring Festival


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Being a shapeshifter, I can choose from a variety of different things to use as a costume. But, since I'm a lover of Drachorns, I decided why not be one for the entire duration of the Festival? -_- So, unless otherwise asked or needed, I will be a Drachorn until the very end of the Festival

What costumes will you all be wearing?

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thongs? pirate treasures? things like that start innocently, but inevitably lead to bad puns like:

[spoiler]i'm gonna loot your booty, babe![/spoiler]
(wrapped in black for so many reasons)

i feel like i should ask children, the easily offended or easily offended children to leave now ^_^

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Well, not being a shapeshifter nor an exhibitionist except when dancing or for certain rituals, I think I will wear my Dojo Kimono throughout the festival. It is quite beautiful and GlorDamar's 3D rendition of the traditional Yin-Yang symbol os quite wonderful.


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Nh was just kidding,would just use normal clothings you know its a festival not a costume parade....Going for Tight Dark Blue Jeans,Stripped Aquamarine shirts,black leather shoes,black belt matching the shoes,and to compliment a rebelous side and ear ring at myleft ear. Yeah i know how to dress myself!

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[quote name='dst' post='26811' date='Mar 10 2009, 09:34 PM']It's useless. I still imagine you as that guy from your avatar. Or even worse...like a walking tree...O_O[/quote]

Lol....Yes people usually thinks like that......Kittiness once imagined me like faery sprinkling shiny healing powder on others while jumping and dacing around when i said i wanted healing spells to heal everyone i can.....XD but i prefer my avy...

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