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Why not enter the Labirinth!


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1. You need exploration points.
2.He is huge.
3.If you are in alliance you will have to wait 20 min to get 1 exploration point(that made me leave loreroot)
4.He is really huge.
5.Not many people to talk when you run out of exploration points....
6.You may never find the exit....
7.If you find and isnt the first ten why do it then?
8.Dont know anymore....im getting kinda crazy....HELP!!!


1.(And nothing more) You know that this will end in the end of festival so you wont be there forever!*Relief*

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That was actually a lot of fun. Probably the most fun I had in months. ^^
And I should thank Phoenyckz for all the work he put in and Mur for making this possible. So here:

And now...I say unto you nay-sayers at the entrance (*cought*Logan*cough*)...HA!! I totally made it out of that thing! =P
Cost me some sleep, but it was nothing a cup of caffeinated tea couldn't handle.

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Yeah it was fun tauting everyone inside the maze....by the yway Yami...everyone was sleep deprived i dont know how the people could stay awake soo loong.......well i know why at least....greedy people were afraid of losing rewards XD...

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but i did the maze when i woke up.... i never knew about it until i woke up....

then again when i finished i only had 30 minutes left, or 3 of my regen counters, or 6 new places in the laberenth, whichever way you prefer...

and i finished it in 2 hours.......

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oh wow...
it's been so long since the last time I posted in the forum..
but neways...


it looks like the contest ended and the mods pulled everyone out of it, but I"m still stuck in it even though I gave my name and ID


I could be wrong and the mods still haven't pulled anyone out yet....

I find my way out *whew*

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the entrance was open for a period, people solved it and the winners have been announced and rewarded, the labrinth is going to be open for the public to try and solve for fun in the future much like the Broken Pattern Gazebo puzzle

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Ya but with one difference.
This challenge lasted like 10-12 hours and the Broken Pattern Gazeebo lasted 24hs (which gave the opportunity to everyone)

The L. Challenge gave opportunity to a few ones. When most people logged in the challenge had already ended.

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