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MD Newspaper column: Firs'll Fix It


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Right folks
I'm looking for letters from people on things that would make their day.

Send me a PM with:

I) Your request
II)The reasons why you would like it
III)The reason why you feel you deserve it

Please dont ask for stuff with an obvious credit value like a Rustgold Drachorn etc.

Whacky is permitted though.

Finally, there is no gaurantee that you will get anything or that your letter will be published, but you never know!

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Dear Firs,

Hello my Irish friend.

Good post. I would like to see a Healing pool somewhere in MD perhaps somewhere between the back entrance to Loreroot and the archives. Not much going on there really.
Just and idea. The healing would cost players 30-50 AP and would regenerate there Vitaity to 100%. It would only work once a day.
I think this would keep more palyers online longer and create more interest in the game. There would be more battles and new players would especially enjoy the game more.

Anyway, just a thought.

You could call it the "The water of Life"...."Uisge Beatha"

Thanks a million


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Dear Muffinman, *coughs* Firsanthalas*

I would like 20 Coffee filled EverHot Mugs as Items and that every end of the month, for them to recharge. That way, when someone wants a coffee, I can send it to them.

Sagemuffin....*cough* Sagewoman

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Dear Firs,

I have dearly missed seeing my ship, Crimson. I was wondering if you could somehow arrange a way for me to see it? It is located at Storm Port in Golemus.

I am sure it's inhabitor spirit is rather, errr... peeved at me by now, but i have been having a mate look after her for me. Ever since illusions have appeared in Golemus I have only been able to visit her once, and I am rather desperate to see her after all this time.


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Ok so how do I send it to Mur?

[quote name='Firsanthalas' post='27706' date='Mar 25 2009, 11:57 AM']Ok, nice idea, but that is more of a game implementation thing. That is really up to Mur.
Still nice idea I think.[/quote]

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  • Root Admin

Mur doesn't reply to anything really. your best chance would be to post here


in the new ideas section and see who likes it. Mur checks that regularly

Disclaimer: regularly may be open to interpretation and time is relative.

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