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New creature idea


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I have an idea for a creature in marind bell. Im sorry if this is the wrong forum and if theres already a centaur creature that i havent come across yet. Well any way here is my idea, ive even given some stats to save work if its made, but of course tha decision rests with Mur or whoever does new creatures.

Pic idea: A young centaur without armour
description: A young centaur who paws the groung nervously. He is keen to help you and eager to taste the glory of battle.
Atk 35
def 5
initiative 1 type of damage attack normal
hp 200 damage to weak creatures

Centaur Soldier
Pic idea: centaur with sword
des: Through his battles with you he has learned to fight with greater power and accuracy. He no longer fights with his hands but with a magnificent sword.
atk 60
def 5
ini 1 type of atk attack normal
hp 700 damage to weak crts and random

Centaur Master
Pic idea: centaur with two swords and mild armour
des: His journeys with you have taught him to fight with even greater determination and precision. He is now a feared warrior on the field and is loyal only to you. He has gained mighty skills but none as good as his dual swords. He has a hunger for power and knowledge mathced only by his want to fight the necrovians.
atk 70
def 7
ini 2 dam attack normal
hp 1200 dam to weak crts, random and strong crts

pic idea: centaur with body armour and spiked mace
des: He has journeyed to his homeland to learn the power of his ancient people. The Morkatoa tribe has taught hime well. Then he studied the shades and learned of their destructive natures and he put this into practice in his fights for you. He has a understanding of the world now. He has learned to destroy his enemies with greater effincency.
atk 140
def 13
ini 3 dam type haotical
hp 1500 dam to weak, strong and dying crts also random

pic idea: centaut with full armour two maces and a unicorn horn
des: He has reached his full potential and is no longer a foal but a majestic knight in you survice. His loyalty is unwavering and know he has the great wisdom of the centaurs and is a master of battle. Few centaurs can call themselves a centurion knight as it is the most respected level for centaurs. Such is his power he has been granted a magical unicorn horn, with which to pursue his destiny. To destroy the shades.
atk 210
def 17
init 3 dam type hoatical maybe even a weak regenerate
hp 1800 dam to multiple

Everything can be argued against. If there is anying some one would like to say about it, give me hints and tell me to change something it is welcome. Anything can be changed, though i like it the way it is.

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fifth level is too strong for normal creature in my opinion... hmm well low init, not bad not bad maybe it could pass and interesting combinations, but then it needs some good requirements for upgrade, and not sure about creature type, does centaur fit into marinds bell, i dont think so, in this realm creatures ya find here, ya wont find in any other game :) mur is trying to keep it original as much as possible, for example we have a sort of dragons, and they are called drachorns, gotta point?

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i like it :)

Lib, the last level is definitely not too strong, 210 haotic is not that much...
IF that creature needs insane age requirements, like the knator does^^

plus, that thing is almost the same as the already existing knator when you stop to think about it...
so i'd say your chances are rather slim :/

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That makes sense as i did compare it to the knator to make it not too strong. Obviosly some improvements are needed. Ill see if i can make it a little more unique with different stats. :mellow:

What does initiative do to the creatures? I assume its like an intelligence but im not sure what it will do to creatures in game.

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Ok thanks liberty. I was thinking of tweaking to having weak stats for a higher init. Plus thanks for telling me about thew edit. So how would a creature with like 45 init go down ( at max) or this to strong.

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such an high init is useless if the attack is not heavy enough, a creature can only attack once per turn no matter what its init is...

and a major change to the combat system that would allow creatures to attack more than once would mean that high-init players would never lose again, there are people with 300 and more init...

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Well do not forget that according to lore (and pardon me if I am mistaken) Marind's Bell and Necrovion are in conflict. So I wouldn't see why not Marind Bell has a creature that seeks to fight against us.

And for your information, our cookies are deadly! And delicious at the same time. Ask Azrael.

And to get back on topic now, I like the idea of it yet a centaur is a creature that has been seen in other games, stories etc. And the MD creatures that we have so far are standing for their originality. Nonetheless it is still a good idea :P And I will leave the stats comment to the grinders :D

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