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Game reset?


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One of the questions on the survey was what we thought about a possible game reset. In my opinion this question is more important than the rest of the survey put together, so I am starting this forum topic about it.

The most important question is in fact not what you think the current players think about it, but what you think it will do to the game. Some people will be angry, and some of them will leave. Others will be happy about it, because of the new and interesting features you will be able to introduce. You can't make everybody happy, so concentrate on making yourself happy.

In general, the [i]current[/i] players will less happy than the potential new players you might attract. Surveys will therefore give a biased result.

You said that used MD shop credits would be lost in a reset. I think this is a bad idea. I think people who have used real world money on the game should get their MD shop credits refunded. (As shop credits, not as money!) This will help keep some of your oldest and best players around for the new game.

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Well this is risk we took when started playing and I hope Mur will stay away from it as much as he can.

Anyway regarding that credits. Everyone gets half of what they bought after reset.

Quote from credits page:
[u]"Half of the buyed credits cary over in beta or if accounts get reset by us, however we are trying to move to beta without any reset."[/u]

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I myself am open to a complete game reset, because of the simple fact that a better game will be more interesting and fun to play. I will gladly throw away my progress so far for something that will attract more members and be eventually more fun to play.

There will still be the same people to talk to, and in general things can only improve.

However, I do worry that many people will leave if a complete reset was done, only because some people focus wholly on self-improvement, and so if their improvement is gone and everyone is equal again... it would perhaps seem that all progress made in MD can change at a moment's instance, and is therefore too unrewarding to play.

Of course, they would be missing the progress made in MD that does not consist of Avatars, Creatures, Medals, and the like. They are missing the progress that cannot be taken away.


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I'm afraid that i might actually lose interest in the game if there was a major change towards RPing...
atm, fighting pays, and it is something to do while there's only little roleplaying going on :/

i'm not afraid of a reset, i don't mind starting from 0 again, but i am afraid that the fun will be lost for me if fighting loses importance... and the last few changes were pointing towards that direction, with illusion being created and mp6 as only spell-casting level...

there are just to little quests around to keep me busy all day long while i'm waiting for nightfall and some people to play with, so if stat-grinding and creature-rising falls out of the game, i'm afraid that i will be done with this community :D

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To be perfectly honest I don't know what I will do in case of a reset. Most probably I would quit cause I invested too much time and effort in this account to see it taken away and I don't know if I have the strength to start over again. Someone said (I think you Burns) that we'll carry the knowledge. Indeed but unfortunately the day has only 24 hours... You need time and this is what frightens me the most.

So I voted: Hell no! Are you crazy?

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no way for me to start from zero :D i already did that 50 times with my alts, and i am not in mood to do it anymore so i worked out my resets, as for you burns, nah, this is just to empower rping fighting wont be gone, they want to create more tension between alliances and most likely everything about rping will be decided in land wars which will happen quite often, thats how i see future, and land wars are decided by fighting and there if ya lose one fight you are dead :( simple and awesome as it is

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so you are saying that fighting will get a deeper RP-meaning? YAY^^

that means:
no need to quit for me, fighting is exactly what i do as break when working for college, and people will stop saying that my RPing is poor XD

b )
no need for a reset, as even people like cless and dst can easily be defeated if you know what you are doing and

land wars are great, i want to stick around to get more of those =D

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time is never wasted when you had fun spending it, and if it was no fun for you, then your time was wasted no matter if there's going to be a reset or not...

i know, that's a bit too philosophical for me, sounds more like Khalazdad :/
but i think it's true and well said, even though i forgot where i heard it :D

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for me a reset would be probably a good thing in the long run I screwed up in a few places with my skills, creatures, and storymode, and even if in theory anyone can be beaten easily, reality(odd when talking about a game) it not so simple after all if anyone can be beaten then no body would ever lose which clearly doesn't happen but that is another topic for another time

but yeah I would love another land war, more so if it replaced the clearly flawed head hunt as the monthly fighting contest I would still lose but it at least have a shot in theory that is

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I voted for yes...although it would be boring to go back to mp3 it will be a chance to rp better and even evolve in the right way,when i first started i didnt knew really which principles i would follow neither what would become of me,now that i have a base idea a reset would be good,having the chance to win mp3 hc and others things....

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It'd just unbalance the game... Did you see what happened to MRD's attack and def? Giving people the opportunity to buy those items 5 times gives them over 700%(!) boost in attack and def. Also it'd give them rusty etc. Not giving them shop resets would mean pissed players with way to many credits and nothing to spend them on. And keeping your creatures is kinda useless to... some people would still have creats giving loads of statboost and some would have just sacrificed them. Not even considering all the other stats that people have worked for would be lost.

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so it go back to how it is any way lightsage, thats not really a negative. it Cyclicity Principle the game will always become unbalanced, of couse mur reset creatures too that solve it for a time

you want it to be balanced mur could just delte all the accounts then no body would have anything. it be totally fair everyone back at step 1

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What I find most interesting about those who have posted and who choose to whine and complain about a possible game reset are those who have the weakest roles – if they have any, indeed – and poorest role-playing ability.

I will take a moment to remind everyone that this is a [i]role-playing[/i] game. It seems that some have forgotten that, if they ever even knew. The point of this world is [b]not[/b] to have the highest attack and defense values, the largest, nastiest creatures, nor to have innumerable alternate accounts to use to circumvent the system in order to gain spell-casting capabilities.
A [i]role-playing[/i] game is about creating a character and interacting with others in a fantasy world. The point is to have fun while acting and interacting, to create stories and tales to tell others, to create legends to which other players and characters will stand in awe and to which they will aspire.

King M. has stated his desires, many times, and those who pay attention know that he wants this to be a realm overflowing with characters and roles, all of whom are playing and working together to tell their stories. He does not want it filled with those who seek power for power's sake, whose only goal is the farming of one statistic after another. He wants people here who find role-playing to be enjoyable, not a burden.

I would not welcome a game reset with open arms, but neither would I shun it. Should everything reset, should everyone have to start again, I would not be among those who were crying nor protesting nor threatening to leave. I would simply start again and continue to play as I have: for fun and with superb role-playing skills, skills which some on this thread could never find nor earn from a simulated battle and are even less likely to understand.

Each person who comes here should think long and hard about what the idea of a game reset means to him or her. If one finds it so entirely detestable, an attempt should be made to figure out why. If it were found to be they would 'lose all their progress and hard work' at gaining nothing but creatures and statistics, I suggest they pack up and leave now.
While those who have worked hard at defining and creating a character – of which there are more than a few – would not like to see that work lost, they also know that progress like that can be made again or even carried over, should everything need to begin anew.

It is clear who the strongest players in this game are.

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dude, listen i have my role, i did with my main everything i wanted to, i just cant roleplay, my role is warlike, and there is no wars around and i am not going to create some because i dont have that much influence and i would be flamed much more than for doing anything else, which i dont mind but if i get to proper roleplaying i would mind it, my alliance is only interesting thing in the game that is currently active, and with my alts i just kill bonus time i have, other things that are currently not active which i also like in game is magic&principals and learning about it, and both stories personal one called story mode and public one called adventure log, well i also like artwork

i am not roleplayer and not even a fighter, so what am i?

when i play on my alts to kill some time, most of all i like the feeling of getting back to my main, having everything on him, all creats i want maxed, being in alliance, having your story and papers in a way which satisfies you, the look of medals on your avatar, your pwr title and description, having bought whole md shop and having more credits ya cant spent anywhere else and still having shop reset and not using it just becoz of feeling ya achieve everything ya wanted

so thats why i say no to reset, and partial reset wont come into play becoz it would be unfair from one group of players to another

and also dont forget this if major game reset happens 25-50% of older players which said that they wont mind reset would leave in tie of 3 months after reset, and on forum there will be opened topics saying something like this: oh guys i have to say good bye, i didnt liked reset, i was mistaken, i am too bored to start it all over again, newbs are kicking my ass and i was hardcore fighter/roleplayer before, and things like that, trust me this will happen

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I'm in favor of a game reset. I think the realm as it is now is not a good place for roleplaying. There are too many random back stories, too many people who think they used to be Gods, and too many roles that don't fit with the story line, not to mention the copyright infringement as far as the eye can see. (in my opinion, no offense intended to anyone). This also has the side effect of ruining the actual game story for me.

I do think that past achievements should be recognized, if that is at all possible, such as all RPC and PWR getting something, but I don't know if that is possible. As for the people who would quit because of their months of hard work, I don't think what you did was in vain. Training has enabled you to better understand game mechanics, so you'll have an advantage at the start (unless that is completely changed as well) and roleplayers or alliance members will still have the social network they built up (unless Mur has found a way to reset our memories, which I doubt, but I'm still wearing my tinfoil hat) which will also give them an advantage at the start of the game.

I am biased in this regard, since I'm a newer player, but it would start me off nearer to the ancient players, so I would have a better chance to pass them.

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I think that both Watcher and Jester have good points myself.

As a role player, a game reset really doesnt mean anything to me - because it doesn't have any impact on the role play in actuality, you just carry on. The impact is on stats and money really...

My only issue with it is this: I have spent real money on so called "permanent" items, and I really wouldn't be happy that they just got wiped when I paid for them...a bit like how I hate itunes for putting all those locks on the songs I buy...

I would be annoyed, miffed, grumpy...I would moan on about it to all in sundry...still, it wouldn't make me leave, and it wouldn't affect my game play.

This is a text based role play game. I'm not sure some people really get that - if that is because you don't understand, by all means PM me and i'll give you a hand.

Do you play for the joy of the game whether it be ritual strategy or role play, or do you play because you have built yourself up so you can beat everyone up with ease? Because the only real reason I can see for some of the comments here is the latter....

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[quote name='Jester' post='28306' date='Apr 6 2009, 07:30 AM']I'm in favor of a game reset. I think the realm as it is now is not a good place for roleplaying. There are too many random back stories, [b]too many people who think they used to be Gods, and too many roles that don't fit with the story line[/b], not to mention the copyright infringement as far as the eye can see. (in my opinion, no offense intended to anyone). This also has the side effect of ruining the actual game story for me.[/quote]

Nice to see more people that thinks like this. Our problem is, even with a game reset, these people would just copy paste their old page and do it all over again. Roleplay progress cannot be taken away with reset, it's a good thing, but unfortunately it also makes a game reset for the sake of roleplaying 100% ineffective. A resed won't make those who were Gods or whose role doesn't fit the story line (and there's sooo much of them. Ok, I don't mind people who were gods, as long as they don't think they have godly powers) will just write it all over again. So.. I would have to say no to reset for the sake of better roleplaying environment.

Well, actually, I'm against reset for any reason xD

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  • Root Admin

This discussion is mainly split into older and newer players
where the older players dont want it and the newer players wouldnt mind it

Then you have the different sections of how people play

Stat Grinders - dont want reset because their lose their precious stats
RP ers - dont care as it wont really effect them
RP ers who also like to play the game - This catagory seems like its just based on opinion and also how many AD they have

Therefore we are going to have both sides of the arguement as there are different playing styles of MD

So the questions shouldnt be Do you want a reset but How will a reset benifit the players of the game and how will it effect them

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[quote name='Jester' post='28306' date='Apr 6 2009, 01:30 AM']I am biased in this regard, since I'm a newer player, but it would start me off nearer to the ancient players, so I would have a better chance to pass them.[/quote]

thats exactly the point. most players (not all) who are in favor of a game reset are either newer ones or didnt manage to build a strong fighting force yet and see that as opportunity to start on equal terms with vets. most roleplayer only players would mostlikely also like a reset because they only roleplay and are sick of getting slaughtered because they never build their crits. i mean a role stays its perm, it belongs to ur player name. if there is a reset to 0, ppl still know ur role and what u did and stuff. so in terms of rp u dont loose anything expect spells and stuff. but for most only roleplayers there will be no loss at all.
but there are many people who really like the fighting system and focus most of their efforts on training and those players would suffer greatly from a reset.

i am much younger than jester but hope there wont be a reset. its a roleplay game yes but as we see at the very beginning of the game u cant get anywhere without an army(land guardian).

ah and for stormrunner .... how can u mess up ur creatures? just sac not needed ones and buy new ones. i dont get it. even if u are limited to only 16crit slots u can still just keep lets say only 6crits for ur main fighting rit and sac all the rest to build them anew.
and as for storyline. now honestly it gets really stressed that teh storyline is very important and defines u as a character as well. and it takes a long time to get to mp5. if u didnt care about the story at that point and made wrong choices then its really ur fault.
and as for principles thats the only argument i can understand. u start on mp3 and have no clue and just pick those that sound best. but u dont seem to understand their usage. with just 5 principles u cant cast great spells anyway. u gather friends and together u use all the principles. like with the muation spell. around 5 players are gathered for that spell as well so that all principles from all those players combined channel the spell.
so to conclude this u cant really mess anything up in MD. the only thing u can is ur storyline but it will get extended and maybe ur wrong choice brings u to a very nice location later on. and on mp5 u should know ur role and the game well enough to chose a fitting storyline.

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