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Jesterfest 2009!


Jesterfest: good or bad idea  

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After the 2nd MD spring festival and MD's birthday party, normal MD life just seems... dull. So, I decided to make Jesterfest!, a festival made mainly by me with help from a few RPCs and friends of mine. I've come up with lots of ideas, but before I finalize everything, I'd like your opinion on it. Here is most of what I have so far:

5 Wish Points
Pamplemousse’ spell doc
Ailith’s spell doc
Logan Marquis’ spell doc
Amoran’s spell doc
Silver Coins x5
Premium creatures x2
Normal creatures

MD Lore Contest*
Story telling contest
Treasure Hunt
Role playing quest involving broken item*
Stat Gain contest
Hardest Partier

*Haven’t quite figured these out yet, or pending on someone’s support.

Use of the silence spell when justified
Ability to bar people from competing

Story telling contest: people sign up in advance, best story chosen by panel of judges wins WP, stories told out loud so that all present may enjoy them, consolation prizes for runner ups

Treasure Hunt: Word activates RPC item, Item/location is described, Final item gives two words, first to make it back and type the first word wins WP, next few to make it back and PM me the second word win consolation prize

Puzzles: a selection of riddles or other puzzles designed by random people, prizes vary

Role playing quest: sign up beforehand to be put into groups. an item is split, the groups involved must find out how to put it back together. Sign up beforehand.

Trivia: random pieces of trivia, similar to what Mur did. Reward is spell docs for top contestants.

Stat Gain Contest: The person who gets the most overall stat gain during the festival wins a prize.

Hardest Partier: the person who parties the hardest during the festival (drinks the most, breaks the most chairs, etc.) wins a prize. The person will be chosen by Jester.

Gambling on Kittiness’ games*
Creature and item trading
CTC codes placed on far off places on map

*Depends on if she still feels up to it


MD Lore Contest - none
Story telling contest – Pamplemouse’s spell doc x3, WP x1
Treasure Hunt – Ailith’s spell doc x5, WP x1
Puzzles – silver coin x5
Role playing quest involving broken item – Amoran’s spell doc x?, WP x1
Trivia – Logan Marquis’ spell doc x5
Stat Gain contest – WP x1
Hardest Partier – Logan Marquis’ spell doc x1, or maybe WP x1
CTC codes placed on far off places on map: Joker, Imperial Aramor, Unholy Priests, Eggs, Aramors

Now, this contest is being funded mainly out of my pocket with the assistance of the RPCs mentioned above, and I don't have many coins or premium creatures, so if anyone would like to lend their support or create a puzzle let me know. Also, since this contest is being managed by me, and I can't edit the triggers window, and I'd appreciate it if you'd spread the word if you think this is a good idea.

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I full heartedly support, also i offer any support i can give, i'll see if i can scounge up something worth competing over

also if i have enough time i'll try and make a jesterful story, but im gonna be busy over then next couple weeks o_o

Also in the vein of partying, if we get enough support on this i'll offer a very rare creature, so you had better show some support


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After I see if the festival has enough support, I'll finalize everything which shouldn't take too long, and then it will be the next Friday and Saturday probably. Maybe Thursday or something, in case people can't make it on weekends.

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I was planning the Market fair for nextweek but if you consider this event can be a part of the Jesterfest I can pospone it so we can do this togeder.
Nevertheless, I wouldnt consider to accept the event I am promoting to be a time filler activitie during the fest.
Both activities can be complementary and they can be scheduled without interrumpting each other. We just need different locations.


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Since we hadn't talked enough about the fair being part of Jesterfest, I left it off the list because I didn't want to put your name on something you hadn't fully agreed to yet. When I put creature trading as a time filler, I wasn't referring to the Fair, I purposely had left it out for this draft. Sorry for the confusion.

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Sounds good to me.

I would like to get something this time. As my hours online always conflist with prize given etc. Missed out on the Maze (passed it but was too late), missed out on heads (not online at the right time), missed out on free goodies from Mur( was attending a more improtant matter, fishing!)

Ah well, hoepfully I can gain somthing this time

Good luck with it Jester


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This is a very good idea. Please pm me in game the desired text on the triggers box and i will post it. Also i might help with a reward ;) not sure what.

One note: maybe if u remove the festival thing (not from Jesterfest) will be even better. Let's simply call it Jesterfest. :P

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Thanks for the support. The reason I added a stat gaining competition is because I wanted to hit the interests of every single type of MD player. I know MD isn't a stat farming game, but if they have fun doing it, they might as well. Also I don't want any type of player to feel left out and like they didn't get a chance to compete.

Oh, and for the people who voted "Not if Jester is running it", I'll let my secret alter ego, Jesterman, do it. He's a masked superhero who fights to uphold the ideals of truth and justice, and also wears a cape.

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can i change my vote to 'not if Jesterman is running it'? =P

i don't like masked superheros with capes, IMO a crazy Jester is the right person to make a fun contest =))

oh, aaaannnnnnd.... i forgot what i wanted to ask... maybe i'll find it again...
*takes a walk around the block*

oh, got it back: will your festivals run at the same time as Krishkas fair now? i would be very disappointed if i had to choose which of the two i'd like to attend...

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No, I won't be running Jesterfest at the same time as Kriskah's fair.

Also, with the current ratio of votes, I think I have enough support to finish this. I'll let everyone know once I'm about finished so I can work out a time where hopefully everyone who wants to attend can.

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[quote name='Jester' post='29237' date='Apr 22 2009, 04:31 PM']Oh, and for the people who voted "Not if Jester is running it", I'll let my secret alter ego, Jesterman, do it. He's a masked superhero who fights to uphold the ideals of truth and justice, and also wears a cape.[/quote]

Hot! :lol:

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[quote name='dst' post='30329' date='May 5 2009, 08:48 PM']C'mon Jester! Pull yourself together and make a jesterific Jesterfest! I bet there will be others that will help you. You just need to ask :P[/quote]

The lady is right, I will also happily help you in this endeavour should you request it.


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