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Calling all Slaves ... or subs


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The Metal Mage is going to get in on some of the fun ...
We are going to have a slave auction to benefit the MD Market Fair!

Here is how it works: if you would like to sign up, leave a message saying you want to be included.

The final price of your sale in the market will be divided between myself and Kriskah, with a small portion going to the slaves to buy their freedom, if need be ...

The person who is playing the role of the slave will be the slave for 1 day to a week, depending on the bidding, at which time the "magical leash will break and they will be free."
They can use their portion of silver to try to bribe someone to free them , steal them, or ask the master to free them early... they can even try to escape it is all in the RP and how it’s done
So if you want to join the fun you will list.

[b]Your character name (the one that will be the slave).

If it is male or female.

And a couple of points that people should know to be able to bid on you

Please pm me in the game and make sure I have you added to the list

The bidding will start with 2 silver coins and the slave will go to the highest bigger [/b]

More updates may come as the fun gets rolling!
UPDATE 1 : SLAVES WILL BE REWARDED 10% OF THE FUNDS RAISED BY THEIR AUCTION[/b] [i](this should be a good rate since we do have to help Miss Kriskah feed the camels and all)[/i] Also this is a good way for those with little or no coin to earn some while helping out the cause... remember to list some things that make you a good buy! The more money you make for the cause the more you are rewarded with.

UPDATE 2 : I have been asked if we can accept other forms of payment, such as creatures and shop credits. We are checking into this, but we encourage your enthusaism. ... more on this update to come

Watch for the slaves you wish to buy and remember to not out-bid your wallet

The Metal Mage

note: if you don't have a forum account set up yet get one anyone reading this tell the ones who can't see it to sign up for forum account

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Ok, I will participate, the economy needs some stimulating. Viva La Capitalism!

I am more than willing to support the Market, I think it will thrive and be a great addition to MD.

Pony up for a good cause!

*edit* If the proceeds do not benefit the market, I withdrawl my offer.

*second edit* I will not be taking a commission, so[b] 100% [/b]of my sale price will go to the Market.

*third edit* (This is what I get for being the first poster, huh) I will let the ones bidding on me set the time limit.

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There is no need for me to get any type of comission. It is not my market fair... so Kragel, since is your idea... the slavery auction is all yours. :lol:


Pample, it does benefit the market, I believe Kragel had a great idea. The gathering of people means more clients for the traders.
All Im saying is I dont want a commision. The same if there is any other type of transaccion (services, creats, info...)

If Kragel or anybody organize the auction i believe he or she should get the comission. I would be too busy to take care of that. :P

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The deciding factor in whether I participate will be the payment the slave is given...

Suggestion: have the payment recieved by the slave relative to the amount of time for indenture, and have the slave set the time for indenture when they are put up for auction (that way the person knows what they're actualy getting)

You could also have various pricing models, for instance "slave x for 5 days starts at 5 silver, or for 4 weeks at 35 silver" (or whatever values you end up using since those values are huge)(for whatever time frames the slave agrees to when put up initialy)

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[quote name='Kriskah Arcanu' post='29558' date='Apr 27 2009, 07:47 PM']There is no need for me to get any type of comission. It is not my market fair... so Kragel, since is your idea... the slavery auction is all yours. :lol:[/quote]

indeed my lady you have not ask for any commission this is not to be thought of as a commission for you rather like a fund raising gift please just enjoy the fun and accept the coin that will weigh down your purse

i enjoy raising funds for such great things as i believe this market will be and already is becoming

humbly yours

maybe the next fund raiser will be fore the poor missing dwarf children .. :P

(Master) Kragel
The Metal Mage

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well... seeing as only one other has stepped up to the plate... i will as well.



I will not do spywork, nor anything else dishonorable.

*recap of edits.... i'm no longer bound to path of loneliness, and whomever wins the bid can set the time limit... as long as it's not forever

Edited by Intrigue
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This idea is insane enoguh to be fun...
So I'm in for it^^



1. I don't offer my services when i've got RL-chores to take care off [that should be rather clear, i'm still doing MD as game, not as full-time-job]

2. I'm not selling myself for less than 2 coins a day [i still have my pride... and that's obviously the share that goes to MY pocket, deal with Kragel for seeing how much that would cost you ;-)]

3. I'm worth that much =P

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when is this... im pretty booked for the next two weeks, and am unsure how good a slave i'd be, but im sure i could use a slave or three... hey burns... what size maid outfit do you wear?

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.Metal Bunny.


Services include a lot of things. But if treated very badly, this bunny will bite back and escape.

Services do not include; the Bunny Empire, tiny people or the BM.

Will be a slave for 3 days.

Edited by Metal Bunny
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ahh hell why not, good time to see how much I'm worth



reasonable good fighter

will not listen to a any male

sings and comes with his own songs

tells story both of his own and khalazdad's

plans on buying slaves himself

is not too scared to use minions hidden across MD to aid people

pointed ears :D

warning: will stab and try to eating the soul of any who would try to make him harm some he would not nomal

time willing to serve: depends on how much you pay you just pay two you get me for a day, you pay 10 you get me for the week, you pay more then 10 I maybe able to be talked into serving even longer

p.s. fine MRD, you can have her but I get Intrigue, ;) it my job to protct her any way

Edited by stormrunner
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Phantom Orchid


Will only become a 'slave' if I want to - if the pot is sweet enough. Will only become a male's slave if the pot is so loaded with coin/magic that it's too heavy for a rhinoceros to lift

*puts on her whore-red lipstick*

These are my terms

And I will not betray the land or anybody whom I love

hehe I probably don't make a good slave in the traditional sense of the word, but i'm a sucker for consentual creativity

<insert wildest dreams here>

oh yeah, i have a lion friend named reggie who will rip anyone to shreds that tries to take advantage of me in ways i don't approve of. but don't worry, there are plenty of ways that i do *wink*

besides...it's for charity - so cough it up already!

***disclaimer --- this slave claims no responsibility if her owner suddenly starts ecstatically howling for the moon for very long periods of time***

Edited by Phantom Orchid
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I would like to be a slave



i'm friendly, hard working, i will do what you ask as quick as i can. i don't back talk, i like to have a good chat with people and i will do whatever you want, unless it's against the rules.

slaving Tom

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I will have to buy a slave if Gremlin and Fenir don't show :lol:

Please check the Market Fair schedule before you suscribe. Remember, to be sold you have to be there.

So you don't have to look for it somewhere else I will re-post the publicity:

“Weaving it's way through the bustling crowds, it's wheels creek on it's steady pace, the caravan arrives from No Man's Lands, a Market Fair to Marind's it brings."

[b]Day 119-120[/b]: The No Man’s Land Caravan will launch from Howling Gates around [b]22:00[/b] server time, it will only make two stops: one at the Gazebo of Equilibrium and, the other one at Willows Shop. Then it will continue to set up the Market Fair at 23:00 at Wind´s Sanctuary. The Market Fair will end at [b]1:00 [/b]server time.


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I can only be a slave for the time's I am able to be of any help. From around 1300hrs to around 2400 hrs are usual times.. Some days like 200 to 500 hours also.

Most people do not know me. I am newer to this game than many others. I will never hurt those who are my friends or Tree. Besides that I will be loyal to any who purchase me. Strong fighter and wise friend.

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are you girls , ladies , women really going to let the guys out do you at this you know you make better slaves than they do come on sign up now lol :good:

edit note: Length of slavery is up to you to set on your post. Please edit it from 1 day to 1 week more days will undoubtedly make for higher bids.

and thanks again to everyone for your support

Edited by Kragel
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I am sorry to spam but i like the one with the friendly squirrel too. :clapping:

I dont want to leave my Sisters alone so...

Kriskah Arcanu


I am latina (some guys believe there is a plus on that. I dont really know why, but I am gonna use it anyways) I can play the guitar and... I have a wagon filled with quite confortable cushions (just joking ;) )
I have a friendly horse too.


Edited by Kriskah Arcanu
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