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Right :D

We are looking for poets and poetry for the MagicDuel Newspaper, as the title of this thread might suggest. ;)

So post, as responces to this thread poetry which you'd like to be included into the paper.

Only the best will get put in :)

The poem does not have to be MD related, but we might give preferance to those that are.

There is no restriction on language used, but please provide a translation in English. (I said nothing of a restriction before this edit, people presumed it though, hence the edit)

By posting here, you are giving us the right to reproduce your poetry in the newspaper.
In turn, you also state by posting here that you have the right to give us that permission.

Now for the evil Grido Moderator bit
Right, in your post you are allowed:
[*]The title
[*]The poem itself
[*]*Brief* explanation/description

Any responces to the poems can you keep to pm's please, or someone make another (single) topic for the purpose, i dont know how much it will be wanted so I wont make it myself.
EDIT: Thread now made: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3851-comments-on-poetry/"]HERE[/url]

Anything other than that i've listed as being allowed will be heavily moderated to keep this thread clean and for poetry only, thank you.

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Liquid Sunlight

Alone on the rocks, transfixed and wondering, I stand
The loving sun sends its warmth across the land,
Lending every shade a golden hue.
The firmament comforts me with its majestic blue.
As I peer about and scan within
A clear reflection mesmerizes my internal vision.
Like a newborn child’s first sight I sense
The glory of a hidden world, sweeter than any incense.
Currents of euphoria flow and ebb,
With me, the willing victim, caught in the web.
My soul, put to ease by these feelings, so strong,
Is lulled into peace by the earth's silent song.
A brief sensation that can't help but fade
Is my greatest treasure, rarer than a unicorn's glade.
Felt once but remembered forever, so pure and bright,
Is the glory and joy of my liquid sunlight.

(Written to honour a brief, wonderful feeling of connection with the Earth that overwhelmed me one day as I was doing a nature hike.)


Your viral touch infected me long ago
We laughed and danced in your playground
(The memory shimmers in my minds eye)
Of us together, there as one.
How blind I was! To all your lies,
Clever veils erected to please and sedate,
Comfort and subdue..
My will dissolved under the subtle
Stroke of your caress.
Of it all, my heaven was there with you,
My love! and now it's gone, ripped asunder
And all that's left is your smiling face, so pleased...
So pleased with my misery, your creation
Taken up so high! Into your arms I fell

These eyes of mine close with bitter remorse,
Knowing full well the taste of sublime delight
Was nothing more than pity for my ignorance
Doled out so passionately from the source of my demise
You! my love, for whom I yearn,
Wicked temptress haunting my dreams
With you I writhed in a web of lies,
And now alone torment fills this place.
No, it was heaven, your deceit for me --
All your heartless insincerity.
It felt so good, your special cruelty
...and now, alone I burn with desire
For you, the phantom Love I never had.

(Double meaning poem, written both an analysis of the Thoth Tarot deck Cruelty card, and an ode to a bittersweet relationship of my past.)

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[b] A Pirate's Lament[/b]

The twilight flows in
Through the big window pane.
The moon, like a boat,
Is sailing the sky.
The bright evening star
Shows the way onward:
A vision as fair
As an old lullaby.

She sits by the window,
Watching the moon
And the star’s golden light.
Though her mind and her body
Are no more, her spirit
Is sailing away
In the deep cerulean night.

When she was alive,
She lived on the ocean
And gathered the waves
With you by her side.
And when she died,
She moved to the prairie
And dreamed of the waves
Where her spirit now abides.

When you were with her,
She taught you the star-rhyme:
“I wish that I may,
And I wish that I might.”
But the sweetest of wishes
Are the ones never answered,
The longing as rich
As the azure evening light.

What is she wishing,
Tonight by the window,
Watching the moon
And the star sailing by?
Though her body is gone,
Her spirit is happy,
Sailing away
In an old lullaby.

(This poem was written for my lover Adiallinda - in honor and memory of somebody very special to her - and also for the inextricable link between moon and sea)

Secret Places[/b]

From our secret places
By a hidden path,
We come in the moonlight
Safe from the wraiths.

There the night through
We soak in our pleasure,
Dancing to such a measure
As only the weald ever knew.

To song and dance
And lilt without a name,
So sweetly breathed
Devoid of all shame.

And many a young maiden
Is there, of mortal birth,
Her young eyes laden
With dreams of earth.

And many a youth entranced
Moves slowly in the weald o'er round,
His brave lost feet enchanted,
With the rhythms of fairy sound.

Music so forest regal
And piercing sweet would bring
Harmony with blackbirds singing
Their best in the ear of spring.

And now they pause in their dancing,
And look with troubled eyes,
Earth straying children
With sudden memory wise.

They pause, and their eyes missing moonlight
With wisdom growing cold,
Grow dim and a thought goes fluttering
In the hearts no longer old.

And then the dream forsakes them,
And sighing, they turn anew,
As the whispering music takes them,
To the dance of the Nymph crew.

O many a thrush and a blackbird
Would soar o'er the ground,
And pine away in silence
For envy of such a sound.

So the night through
In our sad pleasure,
We dance to many a measure,
That only the weald ever knew.

(This is one I wrote about the land Loreroot where I live)

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Listen... Listen...
Listen to the elemental orchestra of water
Filling to the brim the basins and bowels of the earth with music,
Each chiming chord regulated by The Maestro's
Fluid, tempered hand.

Today, without the wind and absent rain
The baton rests and Mirth takes a leaving bow.
The fountain's chorus sleeping, the whirlpool's rondo aquiet.
The low meandering river hymns its bleeding threnody,
And the mouth that kisses the ocean's lips
surrenders the sweetest of lyrics with an exhausted sigh.

Tomorrow the land will be dry.

It falls to Memory to shed a tear,
A cry containing the moist melodic seeds of life.
Beseeching the sky to reform the world
With vital verse and prodigious rhythm.

Seize these semi-quavers of hope
Place them upon Nature's stave.

Create a new signature of time
and bless the fresh key changes.

At last, at last,
Mirth sloughs off the drought of slumber,
And with experienced, spinning hand
Collects The Sky's scattered dew drops,
And beats down blue thunder taps from the podium.

The land has life and can now listen
to the new strong song sung.

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I have an archive with more than 400 poems since my 13 years,soo i can help with this a lot XD!Although didnt helped with that section this one would be just copy and paste,maybe sometimes writing even new ones....Here is one that is long:

[u][b]A Theatre of Tango[/b][/u]

[u]1th Act:[/u]

Feel like running
But never reaching
Mine fingers keep touching yours
With no acknowledgment
Through days we keep the same game
I’m always acting and you’re always smiling
Could you be that stupid?
Or it’s just another game
To not face what’s already written
Unspoken words reign our world
While our eyes met each other
I can’t see what they mean
You’re just a daydreaming puzzle
Stop doing that
Stop acting like that
I’m not yours.... (Still I want to be)
You’re not mine...
Would you change someday...?
I’m always dreaming

[u]2th Act:[/u]

Couldn’t be less obvious?
The more I fall the less I feel
If you ever notice me
Help me
You’ve made me feel again
Feelings that I didn’t want
Now all I’m trying to do is crush those feelings
It’s not fair
It’s not right
But that’s the only way I see
To stop loving you
Keep bleeding heart of mine
You will always want something you can’t get
I’m getting stronger through the sacrifice
But who said the stronger lives?

[u]3th Act:[/u]

I’m over
There is no coming back
I’ve changed too much to be recognized
Now I’m a warrior
Always fighting with out reasons
Taking more lives than the necessary
The little light I had when I met you is gone
My soul got tainted
Claimed by the darkness
Swallowed by the lust and needing
Don’t call me by my name
Neither ask me help
I am untouchable
I am shattered
Long live the dead king in his ice throne

[u]4th Act:[/u]

Through ages we live
From body to body we shall revive
What seemed terrible now
Doesn’t mean anything at all
Keep flying
Keep dreaming
You will never reach anything
But never lost something
It’s the way of god
The way of nature
Can’t be more than what I’ve been

[u]5th Act:[/u]

No space no fortune
Felt nothin’ from heavens
Neither hell was hot
You are the only one to melt
The only to freeze
Upon those words I beg you
Seek the truth behind the truth

(This was at first a huge story i once wrote about love not fullfilled,then i made a really short poem resuming the story,using conotations and other meanings to tell the story,its made of 5 acts,although they seem not to be connected if you see them one by one,if you read them as one you can see the whole history)

Gonna write somemore when i get into my pc.....

Obs.: This poems isnt my best ¬¬,actually i think is really bad since i tried to do something too dificult as making a synopsis of a history with more than 400 pages...XD Yeah its bad...

obs².: Can i put poems on my own language too?It would be good to spread our own cultures,and we even might get more beautifull poems.....really why should i be the only to adapt to another language?
[color="purple"]EDIT: I had imposed no restriction before...but nonetheless i've edited this into the first post - Grido[/color]

[color="purple"]Merged Posts by same author[/color]


Vivo isolado a observar
Pessoas andando, procurando
Não encontro alguém para meu olhar repousar
Observo dos céus, enevoado fardo
[color="#FF0000"]Living alone and observing
People walking, searching
Do not find someone to hold my sight
Watch from the skies, clouded burden[/color]

Uma jovem sábia uma vez me disse:
“Tu és do tamanho de teu sonho”
Hoje rio pois quão correta ela estava
Estou isolado nas alturas
[color="#FF0000"]Once a young wise miss told me:
“You are the size of your dream”
Today I laugh, how certain she was
I am secluded in the heights[/color]

Procuro cair, descender
Mas não há forma de sobreviver
Só vejo sombras e silhuetas
Vejo tudo mas ninguém me vê
[color="#FF0000"]Search to fall, descend
But there is no way to survive
Only see shadows and silhouettes
See all but no one sees me[/color]

Irônico,penso eu sobre Deus,
Pois eu sou ele
Onipresente,Onisciente e Onipotente
Será ele infeliz como eu?
[color="#FF0000"]Ironic,i think about God
Since I am Him
Omnipresent,Omniscient and Omnipotent
Would he be miserable like me?
Descenda deste cargo terrível
Pois um substituto já há
Seja feliz, meu lugar é nos céus
[color="#FF0000"]Descend from this terrible burden
A substitute already exist
Be joyous, my place is in the skies
Agora me imagino como Deus
E vejo quão triste é sê-lo
Ser signo para todos mas não possuir um
Incutir a fé nos outros e não a possuir
[color="#FF0000"]Now, think of myself as God
And see how awnful is be him
Be sign for all yet do not have one
Evoke faith in other but don’t have it[/color]

Descendo e ascendo
Não vejo, não ouço
A vida é belamente insuportável
Para este ser horrendo...
[color="#FF0000"]Descending and ascending
Dont see, dont hear
Life is beautiful umbearable
For this horrendous being…[/color]

Deixe-me em paz
Não me ofereça a vida pois carrego a morte em meu peito
Não ascendo
Não descendo
[color="#FF0000"]Leave me in peace
Don’t offer me life I bear death on my chest
Aint ascending
Ain’t descending[/color]

Só caio...

[color="#FF0000"]Only fall[/color]

P.S.Edit.: Totally forgot about the history of the poem....It refers to people who has really huge dreams dificult to accomplish,although they want that it seems that dream is more harmfull and shouldnt try to realize,possible in the way having lost so many things good to that dream,its not worth it.

P.S.: If you let me i can keep on posting XD?
[color="purple"]Their is no limit on amount of poems[/color]

Edited by Treehill
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Five Thorns

As she nestled her blue orchid love beside his scarlet rose,
she felt an arid, aromatic breeze descend like cardamon dust,
and in that moment she gave herself away.She knew.
Heart crushed, her berry-blushed lips bled ruby tears.

There were those who had born witness to their courtship vows;
the misheard ensnared percussive tattoo of love empemeral.
But as the morning shade gathered under the yawning trees
the light revealed a back-scratched promise broken.Skin deep.

And embedded in her foliage green
there lay blooded five abandoned thorns.

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[center]A Dreamer's Dream

Dreams comfort me, I pray
as I succumb to the night and lay
"Leave your worries, doubt and fear
(and) Enter the Sandman's Domain."

Dreams show me I say
worlds of fantasy and play.
Reveal to me my heart's desire
let it burn with passion and fire.

Oh Dreams grant me the key
with wistful yearning I plea.
Unlock the secret chambers of my soul
solve the puzzle and make me whole.[/center]

My first petty attempt for a poem the rhymes. Written the morning after a beautiful and peaceful dream.
This is a two part poem. See below for the next part.

[center]Sandman's Riposte

Dreams you seek and implore
they obey me at my call
for I am the Dream's Mastermaker
Ruler of All.

To beseech the Dreams I create
thou summon me to thy aid?
No mortal whim has ever been made
to make the Lord of Sleep a slave!

What you seek can't be found
in this Kingdom I command
Open your eyes, foolish one.
Now I bid you, begone![/center]

When I created Dreamer's Dream and Sandman's Riposte, it was originally one whole poem [a convo between the Dreamer and Sandman] wherein for every Dreamer's stanza is the response of the Sandman.

***my first post! yay! hope someone likes it***

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disclaimer: i am not very good with words, so here. judge my work for what it's worth

[b]Resting Place[/b]

I have come to my resting place.
Where the air is fresh
and the wind is cool
Where the rocks are white
and the sands are fine
Where the trees are dense
and the land is lush
and the heavens and stars
refresh your soul at night.
I will remove the ropes
and untie the boat.
I have come to my resting place.

I have come to my resting place.
Where the birds fly free
and the fishes swim deep
Where horses run wild
and foxes go tame
Where sheep cry silently
and crickets do not hum
and the water and the ocean
gently lap at your feet while you sleep.
I will gather the wool
and whisper the prayer of the wild.
I have come to my resting place.

I have come to my resting place.
I have spent my whole life
searching for a place to die
Where sunset shall give way
to a beautiful morn
and its brilliant streaks
reflecting in the horizon
I will go in the wind
and set up the sail
I will fly in the sky
and soar with the birds
I have come to my resting place.
I shall not die in vain.

I have come to my resting place.
Where the wind is now picking up
and the waves are starting to build
Where the crickets are now humming
and the sheep starting to weep
I can hear the fox howl
as the sail catches wind
and my boat starts to move.
There, these prayers of the wild
will not be forgotten.
I have come to my resting place.

So now, I shall be on my way.
brief explanation/description: dying isn't the end of the journey. it's the start of a new one. this poem evokes my desire to find a place where i can be contented to die - and then move on to another realm that only dying can conquer. i wrote this when i was 13. later in my life when i got married, i realized i wasn't looking for a literal place on earth - but a state of mind - of happiness. i was looking for somewhere where my heart can rest and stop wandering. and then i found it. suddenly, i'm not too interested in dying anymore.
i agree with treehill. non english poems should be allowed with english translations provided by the author. it would enrich MD culture further
[color="purple"]EDIT: I had imposed no restriction before...but nonetheless i've edited this into the first post - Grido[/color]

also agree another separate thread is needed. both for allowing discussions to go on about the poems posted and also so we can put up a survey and vote for our favorite poems (or poets). authors cannot vote for their own poems obviously. much less vote for themselves.
[color="purple"]EDIT: Thread made: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3851""]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...opic=3851"[/url] - Grido[/color]

[color="purple"]Merged posts by same author[/color]

Mabuhay Bawat Araw (Living Days)

sa libingan ko’y ika’y napadaan (on my grave you passed by)
nag-iwan ng bulaklak at namaalam (leaving flowers and saying goodbye)
ngunit kanino ka ba namamaalam (but to whom are you really saying goodbye?)
sa akin o sa sarili mong alaala? (to me or to your own memories?)

tunay ngang ang mundo’y malawak (it is true, the world is big)
pero sating pagkakaila (but in our denials)
mas makitid pa ito sa eskinita (it became smaller than the thinnest roads)

wala na akong pagsisisi (i have no more regrets)
nilamon na ng panahon (each of them swallowed up by time)
at ng pagmamahal (and by love)

ganito kaiksi ang buhay (this is how short life is)
ang walang hanggan pinutol ng isang kisapmata (forever, interrupted by a blink of an eye)
at ang hinagpis, ng isang taos-pusong handog (and sorrow, by a very generous gift)

sa likuran ng aking pandinig (at the back of my mind)
patuloy kong naririnig (i keep on hearing)
isang kaibigan at isang alaala (a friend and a memory)
pero bakit ganito? (but what is this?)

ako ang may hawak na bulaklak (i'm the one holding flowers)
at ang puntod na ito’y sayo…. (and this grave is yours...)
a poem to remember one of the greatest regrets of my life - losing my best friend
but it's also meant to mark a point in my life where i have put the past behind me
and have managed to bury her (my friend) and my regrets, in the past
it's also meant to show how whereas losing her almost killed me with sorrow while barely inconveniencing her, discovering i no longer love her devastated her far more
switching our roles - she now realizes she loves me, while i want nothing more to do with her
writing this poem is kind of like singing Eamon's [spoiler]Fuck It [/spoiler](Don't want You Back)
it's as formal as i could get to telling her - [spoiler]i'm not your bitch anymore, bitch[/spoiler]

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(Old stuff, haven't written poetry in some time.)

[center][u][b]The Dark Mirror[/b][/u]

A reflection stirred
By a seventh moon risen
The mirror shattered

Scattering worlds amongst the well
Knife like edges

Scrapes and cuts of the old
Threads of night clung
Twisted, contorted

Try to pull in
What light did behold the disturbing sight

Blinded and tempted by ink black thoughts
The vortex shifted
Reached out

Trying to pull kin within
The fae awoke with warning

Alarming, alerting
Being drawn into
The oldest of waters [/center]

[b][center][I was looking at an old well that was on a friends property, it was night time and the moon was reflecting off of the surface of the water. I thought it looked kind of like a mirror.. and when I disturbed the surface of the water, the light from the moon 'shattered' on it's surface and what was beneath looked like a never-ending hole...so for some reason I put this together to express that.]

[center] [u][b]Musings of a Broken Mind[/b][/u]

A visible trembling, and the cliffs begin to crumble.
The calm waters of thought start to crash.
Sight, touch, the senses go awry-
Swirling, clouds of dust

This chaos of debris
Silk and leather

Until all is silenced.
Still and grey.
Fading, translucent, pit of black. [/center]


Birthed from the shade that mixes with red
A shadow’s passer by
Limitless wastelands
From which, no return harbors
Like water, it ripples
Yet no moisture collects
Thought, cease
Time, cease
For now, only a memory remains
Foreshadowed by time and place
Delve deep in the jaded pit
Crawl, struggle
Release. [/center]

[b][center][Dunno, you tell me.][/center][/b]

[center][u][b]Carnelian Eye[/b][/u]

The slightest movement
under a blood red light.

The carnelian eye
that lights my path.

It's calling me-
Through a whispering tendril of air.

Create the cobblestones of my road.
It's calling me.

Touch the earth to feel grounded.
Violet eyes to the sky.

Carnelian eye
tell me your forbidden oath.

Fire light the wind
turning me to ash.

Its calling me
my flame lit path.

It calls
It calls

From a rhraspy lung
Breathe me in- my ashes.

Sing to me my blood red light.
Your secret, my secret.

A whisper of flesh and spirit

Draw me forward
bound at the wrist.

From the comforting shade of my willow-
Violet eyes to the sky.

Guide me.
[b][center][Once again, you tell me. :D ][/center][/b]

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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While I am sure, I stand no chance against any of these excellent poets, I with to toss in my two cents of poetry.

[b]The song of death's love.[/b]
Set aside the buried light
Of candle, torch, and rotting wood,
And listen to the turn of night
Caught in your rising blood.

How quiet is the midnight, love,
How warm the winds where ravens fly,
Where all the changing moonlight, love,
Pales in your glowing eye.

How loud your heart is calling, love,
How close the light at your breast,
How hectic are the rivers, love,
Drawn through your dying wrist.

And love, what heat your frail skin hides,
As pure as salt, as sweet as death,
And in the dark, the white moon rides,
The foxfire of your breath.

Knights of death, no longer dying, watch as people die around them. this poem talks of what ever love, or lust a death knight can feel, after their emotions dying with their previous life.
[b]Vows of the wed.[/b]
But you and I, through burning plains,
through darkness of the earth,
affirm the world, its people,
the heavens that gave them birth,
the breath that passes between us,
this new home where we stand,
and all those things made larger by
the vows between woman and man.

that was a poem of wedding vows. (don't ask why I typed this :lol: )

After some thinking,and some searching around my house, and typing italian onto a american keyboard I show a poem I wrote a time ago, I don't know if it qualifies as a poem, but it's really nice. it fits excelent in the language of Italian, (translations to show what it says.)

[b]"L'aria, il mio amore A lei. "[/b]

Amor mio, caro bene
Perché vai lontan da me?
Giurasti un amor, che mai non dovea
Aver fine per noi

Nei momenti di tristezza
Nei momenti di dolor
A te, mia stella, penso
Con infinito ardore

Un legame senza speme
Perché mai dovrei aver?
Che cosa tu vuoi ch'io faccia oramai
Mi devi dire tu

Ti ringrazio, caro bene
Amor mio, vita mia
Al grave doler, al buio timor
Che il cuore mi turbó

Dolcemente, con amore
Hai risposto al mio gridare
Per sempre ognor, per sempre ognor
Qui a me, t'attenderò

[b]"Aria, my love To you."[/b]

My love, dear one
Why do you go so far from me?
You swore a love that should have never
Have an end for us

In times of sadness
In times of pain
I think of you, my star
With infinite ardor

Why must I have
A bond without hope?
What would you have me do now?
You must tell me

I thank you, dear one
My love, my life
To the grave sorrow, to the dark fear
That disturbed my heart

Sweetly, with love
You have answered to my cries
Forever, every day, forever, everyday
I shall wait for you here

it's a song of love, "why a song of love, saladbar?" well I wanted to write a poem of love for someone that I lost... (really in life *sniffs a bit* then I thought, and decided that she'll always be with me in my heart.)

I thank you for reading this all.

Edited by zalabar
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[size=3][u][b]An End to the Flame[/b][/u][/size]

The all-consuming flame,
so full of life and color,
eats at the air,
devouring it hungrily.

So full of life and color,
it seems to flicker,
devouring it hungrily,
it mows over a piece of grass.

It seems to flicker,
yet it seems so healthy,
it mows over a piece of grass,
but it doesn't consume it.

It seems so healthy,
yet it is growing smaller,
but it doesn't consume,
what is in its path.

It is growing smaller,
even though,
what is in its path,
is flammable.

Even though,
the stuff,
is flammable,
it is dying.

The stuff,
what had provided it with life,
is dying,
the flame moves to slow to get there in time.

The all-consuming flame,
So full of life and color,
It seemed so healthy,
yet it is dead.

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First of all congratz: those are really nice poems (I usually hate poetry :) ) but I enjoyed several of those above.

I stink when it comes to poetry but still....some of my favorites. Enjoy: :D

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Dead dogs stink
And so do you!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Please don't cry!
Frankenstain was ugly too!

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Please don't kiss me,
'cuz I have the flu.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I may look stupid,
But so do you!

Roses are red
And, frankly, a bore.
Give me jewelry instead
Or I’ll show you the door!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There's a bug on the carpet
So give me your shoe!

[color="purple"]The following is by Dark Trial[/color]

And in this same vein...

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
All my base are
Belong to you


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[b]Views on Life[/b]
Life is like a harsh, cruel master
Giving you endless amounts of labor
Life is like an unjust official
Giving you less when you deserve something special
Life is like the mountains: towering and high
But when you climb the top, you'll reach the sky
Life is like the sea, treacherous during storms
But let this pass, and see beauty in all its forms
Life is like a blessing
Giving you many things worth treasuring
Life is like a teacher
Teaching lessons that you must remember

In the end, life is a surprise
Filled with birth, consequence and demise
Life is a journey worth taking after all
An experience filled with triumph and downfall

[A summary on the different views on life. Some think life is trying to make them suffer, thus, they hate it. Some may think that life revolves around the give-and-receive principle. Your efforts must equal the reward you are trying to get. And lastly, some may view life is a blessing in itself, probably because they must be pretty happy right now. :D]

[b]The Comforting Darkness[/b]
The darkness that engulfs
my soul is eternal
A part of my mind, body and soul
Forever will it consume me
possess my being
Forever will it surround me
protect me from harm
The light is too blinding
it burns my eyes!
And thus, I step away
rejecting its call
A being of darkness
such as I
does not find refuge
in the light
I am not a messenger
of evil I say
Nor am I
a herald of doom
I simply find comfort
in the shadows of night
For beings of darkness
such as I
do not find refuge
in the light

[Darkness does not always represent evil, for darkness gives meaning to the light, which is mostly branded as a sign of evil. Darkness gives us comfort during the night; I don't think most of us can sleep with the light on. Also, darkness shelters nocturnal animals from the burning, harsh light of the sun, so in a way, it is a sign of comfort.]

[b]The Deceitful Light[/b]
Ah, the light
Branded by most
as a holy symbol, a divine sign
The one that leads the sheep
into greener pastures, into cooler waters
It leads them
into a spiral of trickery
into a den of wolves
And the sheep suffer
bleating for their feeble lives
Indeed, it is pitiful
But for those who can truly see
who know the deceit
laid out behind
those sparkles of light
They remain in the dark
protected by its shadowy might
aware of the hideous truth
Unwilling to fall
into a hidden pit
But ever determined
to cross over it
and overcome its trickery
For who ever said
that bowing to the light
will release you from your worry?

[People who claim to be holy are not always holy. Outside in front of the people, they look like saints, but on the inside, they might are gold-hungry thieves who care nothing about the people. Remember, things are not always as they seem, and the light can play tricks with your mind and eyes. So what do you think? Is the light really a sign of freedom and gallantry, or is it a deceitful insignia, leading people into a maze of tricks and lies? You decide.]

Edited by MakiCasanova
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[center][i]At Midnight[/i]

‘Twas midnight, as I lay in bed;
Thoughts still not settled in my head.
A gloomy day; a restless night.
It was dark; just moon light.
I went to the window, to look out;
‘twas a raven looking in.
I sat there thinking for a while,
Then I noticed the ravens smile.
Oh raven! Who are you! Who may you be?
And why do you stand there before me?
The raven stood there for some time,
Soon the sun began to shine.
The raven then flew away;
Saying all she need say.

~Justin Ellis Daniel

[i]This Little Garden of Mine[/i]

When I moved in it was not there,
But it grew with every year.

Bigger, greener; every time.
This little garden of mine.

With flowers of golden hew,
Grass and weeds too.

Year by year, with disbelief,
This garden grows to my grief.

Bigger? Greener? How could this be?
It’s grown so big; I can hardly see!

This has gone too far! It cannot stay!
This crack in my driveway.

~Justin Ellis Daniel

[i]The Darkness[/i]

The darkness approaches,
moving slowly through the woods.
Swallowing up the trees,
as it moved ever toward you.
It swallows up the singing birds.
Silence surrounds you.
One by one,
The trees disappear.
The darkness circles you,
Taking the rest of the trees.
You see nothing but black.
Cut off from all life,
as the darkness takes hold.
A chill runs down your spine,
as you ask yourself;
“Am I ready to die”?

~Justin Ellis Daniel

[i]At the Lake[/i]

The day is calm,
as if the world holds it breath.
The clouds stand still,
above the mountains
in the far distance.
Birds chirp nearby,
singing their summer song.
The sun is warm, and high,
light caps the rippled water.
In it, a boy at play,
peaceful, serene.

~Justin Ellis Daniel

[i]A Homeless Plea[/i]

“Please stop sir, your life won’t rearrange,

you will still have the rest of your day.

Am I invisible to you? Why walk way?

I’m just homeless, not strange.

I’m not some dog on the street, dieing of mange.

Do you even listen to the words that I say?

I do not beg, I pray…

Not for your coins, I just want change”.

~Justin Ellis Daniel[/center]

[center]Just a taste, if you want more just ask. :D[/center]

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O.o That sure means we have lots of poets here.

A small piece of mine, I have more, but I doubt they'd be appreciated with so many others here.


Life's but a walking shadow,
yet we blindly chase the light.
Look at the radiating rainbow,
it shines with all its colorful might.

This shall be our fate,
to hunt and seek forever.
Death as the only mate,
awaiting us to waver.

(Actually was supposed to be longer, but I couldn't add more into PLs..)

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[b]Frogs and Princesses[/b] (in honour of Grido)

an anxious frog from a pad on his pond
would ponder upon the proximity of princesses.
they would perplex him with their appetites
for picnics beneath parasols whilst practising kisses.

one day a chef from the castle was summoned
with garlic and herbs he buttered the girls' lips
and off came the frog's legs in two scissor snips.
No more hopping for a brighter future.


Bonedog and Creamcat: tenacious, content
One followed the other wherever she went:
Excepting treetops and other high places,
then he would practice pulling fearsome faces...

Not to be scary or to cause fright,
just trying to keep his slack jaw tight.
Bonedog saw Creamcat kissing the moon.
" i hope she comes back to me sooner than soon."

Edited by Grido
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The Pub

Time enough to tell our tales
Of wonderment at the ever changing world
As we spin our stories upon the evening air,
Made rich by our love of unmomentous moments shared:
It is the stillness between dancing steps,
The gracious droop of laughing eyes,
The half unspoken, half unsung
Fact of our friendship
That keeps trouble waiting outside the tavern door,
And us, ever breathless, for more, more, more.

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[center][b]Valiant Knight[/b]

So steadfast and full of might,
Not a single trace of fright.
You have a sword to strike your foes,
A shield to defend from blows.

My hero! So true and valiant,
You slay dragons that others can't.
Too many lass that worships you;
But you search only a love so true.

You defend and help for honor.
Enemies beware! Be afraid in terror!
You stand for the truth, for love and glory
You seem so tireless and free from worry

A knight to be adored;
Your deeds widely spread and heard.
One day; should a princess await you?
You shall save with the best you do.



I was day dreaming and pondering one day when it came up to my mind what it will be like to a knight.
Hope you like it. :)

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[u]My Summer Days[/u]

Far below skies white and blue,
the Sun embraces with its golden hue,
as i lay here it warms me through,
i drift away, and dream of you,

Far below skies blue and white,
sometimes the Sun goes out of sight,
and with it takes its shining light,
but i think of you, and everythings all right.

The title is not an original title, im not sure it has a title. The poem i wrote when i was out in the garden(noted down on my phone) and i felt overwhelmed by the size of the sky, and the warmth from the sun.
The sun is important in this poem therefore it is capitalised, It needs to be spoken really, and it would be read very slowly emphasizing every word. if you read it like this you might feel the same way i did when i wrote it down,
Very short very simple, but makes me feel happy and remember the time when i wrote it.

I believe this relates to magic duel for a few reasons. As it is about being alone in a wide expanse but with the help of people around it can make life rich and fufilling, about how the security of a stable thing, a friend, can really impact you, about how things that should impact you, in a negitive way, (like the fears first evident when i first entered Necrovian) dont matter as in the end i did not do it alone, i had my friends to be there for me to explain what it is was really going on, and to support me in many things, even without them really knowing.

My Moon.

The moon is a face of someone you know, a friend, a lover, a dream.
Strange, it seems, how it comforts and consoles you with a lonely light.
A friend to everyone, yet close to none.
Sometimes it changes, not giving out as much light as before, but then you realise it still is and ever will be a constant, a thing that will always be there, that you can rely to be there when you need it to be. This moon is your judge, an all seeing eye, which pierces the dark of the night and lets you bask in its light, shielding you from the shifting shadows which sometimes whisk around your head. It alone knows all you secrets, your hopes, your fears and your own reality.
Sometimes you want this moon to go away and sometimes you want it to be just you two together.
It pains you that you are so close, that there is so much between you, and that yet you are apart, and forever will be. But this is the way it is, and forever will be and you know in your heart of hearts that you wouldn't want it any other way.

written for Lunar Goddess,

Edited by Asterdai
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I do not write much poetry, but my friend Keith does. I have presented two of my works and two of his: some of you will have seen these before.

[center]This is so much as I am:
A scalloped coarse revenant
Powder collapsed from smokeless fire.
This is so much as I was:
Imbecile vagrant, fever's fool
Waltzing tip-toe with a phantom
As faceless as the sky.
This is so much as I shall be:
Hermetic wastrel of hours
Awash in spectral radiance
Rootless as moonbeams
Tarnished urn of wasted words
Reflection of light unseen.
The poem has no title. I thought of one, just now: half-life. Without Penelope LightMoon, without Aia del Mana, without Ennoia in one of her many guises, I am not much of anything at all. A friend recently and very bitterly remarked that I am less than a man - and though he meant it literally, as a comment on my deathless, lifeless nature, it is truer than he guessed, I think.

I leave the metaphors for you to untangle yourselves.

[center][b]White Planet[/b]

She dances through the lightless sky
And gleams to those who watch below:
A pale, unwinking, flawless eye
Whose drifting light will set aglow
All darkened hearts deprived of hope.
Those fearful in the looming night
Whose shadows will confess no scope
May gaze upon her steady light
And warm their thoughts in love’s embrace.
In all celestial pantomime,
Amid the steps of stellar grace,
I mark but one ‘til end of Time:
The song to prise my soul from granite,
The night’s first jewel, the bold white planet.
This poem was written for my wife, Aia del Mana, now Aia Tarquinia, who, like Penelope before her, has fallen into a slumber from which she cannot awaken. One tires of hearing a love compared to a star or the sun, so I chose a different metaphor. Those familiar with the beauty of the planet Venus may understand why.

As part of my vengeance against Keith, I now present to you two of his works.


Enfold me in a rush of cool
About my limbs: a crisp embrace,
The sweet shock of a swimming pool,
A sapphire void, your sacred space.
Then cast me skipping through the air,
Now flip me up, now twist me down,
A feather whirling here and there
In boundless dance above the ground.
Suspend me in a crystal haze
Of sugar spun and lemon sweet:
Your candy-colored paraphrase,
A quirk of thought for you to eat.
To kiss you is to levitate,
For in your arms I have no weight.
Keith wrote this for his current paramour, Pamplemousse, whom I sometimes call the Brightest Star in Heaven. Keith explains that his affair with Pamplemousse is so effortless and so second-nature to both of them that he felt it deserved poetic expression.

Those of you who know Keith also know he is the Bard of Darkness, mythographer, songster, and poet of the court of the Rajj Khalazdad. One of Keith's talents is extemporaneous composition, and he has written several poems/song lyrics for Khalazdad on the spot. I present my favourite such work here.

[center][i][b]"Dirge for Khalazdad"[/b]

The endless heat, the burning sun,
The hollow, sunken loss of love,
The sharp regret of what is done
No less below than lost above.
The dirge has only just begun;
The desert raptor kills the dove;
The sundering of what was one:
The sacrifice not to remove.
Fear and rejoice, for Black is King;
Fear and rejoice - for everything.[/i][/center]
As I say, Keith composed and performed this song, or poem, if you prefer, at the Rajj's command and without having prepared anything beforehand.

Edited by Tarquinus
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[b]I see more life than you do[/b]

The path
that has dust and leaves
the one I see untouched by others
I see less people
and I see more life
is the path I take
where the stars shine better at night
and the sun shines through the leaves
the grass is greener

And the path
that has cement and rocks
the hard asphalt
it has grown into civilization
and you see less life
and more people
is the path that you take
where the fire replaces the stars at night
the rush replaces the speed

We go our separate ways
and takes many days
and we grow tired
we will both fall on our knees
and we can't pick each other up
we are separate
but you end up with a larger scar
more hurt than me

(something I came up with randomly)

I hope it makes sense to everyone that reads it :);)

*finishes reading everyone's poetry*

It looks like everyone is so caught up in colorful vocabulary.

Their's shows yellow and green

Mine shows purple and red

I wish I could come up with colorful poetry.


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Title: Differences (for lack of better title)


black and white
darkness and light
evil and good
left and right

differences they may seem
but what do they really mean?
to every person they see different views
but which do you want to choose?

I see the differences some subtle some clear
but both seem really near
to being the other is only taking a turn
another path that needs to be learned

the only thing these have alike is change
it doesn't take much to rearrange
the balance that seems shifting all the time
without reason without rhyme.

it will change your mind, your soul, your heart
but none of these will never part
these all make you who you are
but don't just wish upon a star

for even stars don't burn forever
there is an end..maybe even tomorrow
but the world keep spinning, keeps living
and all I can say is keep giving
all you have to each of these
whatever keeps you pleased
happiness is fleeting that is true
but happiness is what you make of you[/center]

just a little something I've been thinking about with Magic Duel. That differences in things aren't far from being the other. That one hand there always the other hand I guess. I just made this up so it's not very well thought up. Might edit it later.
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[u]Beware the Shadow

Beware your surroundings, they're not what they seem
It is but illusion, it is but a dream
And you will find, that when this is so
You realize that you are the one in control

A slip of the mind can cause great fear
As slithering shadows bring about tears
You forget that you're dreaming
You're lost in yourself

A void opens up, swallows you whole
As you fall, you reach out for something to hold
Then you stop, you find something to grip
You look up and see that there's nothing in your fist

Your eyes go wide and you start to scream
Still forgetting it's not but a dream
You see it now, the ledge you'd caught
It was only the shadow of the ledge at the top

So beware the shadow, that liquid dust
Lest you grasp for the shadow, not the real stuff.

(So, this was an on the spot poem, so it's pry lacking in quality. It was inspired by a quote from Aesop which goes, "Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow." I'm sure given time I could come up with a better poem, but the quote made me think of MD immediately, and the focus on illusion and things not always being what they appear to be. Essentially a shadow, imitating the object.)

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[b]The Less[/b]

we are the less
without father, mother, sibling, child.
we are not blessed,
neither meek or mild.

we are mustered
by the evocation of memory
at the ebony gates of our adversary.

psycholgical scars run like fault lines
through our gathered throng.
our parched voices sing the changes:
an ancient song in our mother tongue.

for many a long year
we have not known fear
or loathing, now immersed
in the updraft of terror's wings.

all but the graves are gone
our land is nought without nation.
as the spirit has died
we are twice tongue tied.

we are the less.

[b]My Impatient Rose[/b]

my impatient rose
you brush the sky
too early with your chromatic face.
now the Frost has you held in his embrace
for a day and a night
to your delight
you flower for your new found love.

how he cleaves
to the bud within your leaves
an upfront suitor,
his charm an osmotic inversion.

in an oxygenated form of devotion
he weaves his crystal spell anew
and you believe that this young love is due.

and i believe it too.

[b]Long Shadow[/b]

Intrepidly, with unshod feet, i tread and i sink
amidst the dunes, strewn with the shards of tallow lamps.
Where once a thousand lights waxed and waned
there are but the half-blind rays of a mid month moon
to guide me from eroded cliffs to the broken shoreline.

I leave no trail of white pebbles in my wake,
nor unravel twine as i descend,
the merciless power of time and tide I seek,
to bleach out the long shadow of unrequited love
and be remembered as a friend.

[color="purple"]hehe, you're posting so many poems, it's great :P - Grido[/color]

[color="blue"](blue good for you Lib?)~use edit button dont make double/triple posts, this is first verbal warning after this real ones will come in, thank you for understanding - Lib[/color]

All Wonders Now Cease

All wonders now cease, for me at least.
Why? when the heart that wears upon my sleeve
once swelled with passion enough for passing years.

What strange change is this? what will replace
the love I so tenaciously embraced?
now revealed as nought but the dance of shadows ended.

If I can meter the murmur of this day,
allow the concrete to abrase my skin,
will the sirens of the street sound within?

The humbling language of the dispossessed.
Without hierachy the hungry, homeless
ask plaintively for food, shelter, happiness.

An unbleached canvass painted black,
depicting fractured beauty as if in a draining glass,
charmed by the loose associations of the current not the past.

All wonders now cease, for me at least.
Why? because the heart cannot rest sure in dust,
without delay I must explore the living to the last.


In a dress of diaphanous grey
she appears as mist upon the morn
and the dew rich moss preserves
each delicate virginal press
of her dancing steps upon this earth.

Touching the Southern breezes
with her tresses of blonde,
she teaches the sky to colour the world
with the primary hue of cloudless blue.

She is supple as the tobacco leaf
as light as dry white cotton,
a memory line of a million souls,
she is the breaker of chains,
the warmth of the rain.

Her blood-beat is the toll of a liberty bell
she is the heart of me.


Milk whitewater, drifting in
know this man whose lifeblood hangs
by a tumble of silken thread.

He resides upon the swell,
eyes wide open in blissful sleep,
swimming with the grain unto the deep.

Beside his bed, in sharp relief,
his sister speaks with ambitious reach
of a place between here and after.

More recent friends who knew the pain
are pleased to hold his hand again.
Yet how soft and slowly now the love does flow.

A nurses laughter from afar
impinges like a seventh wave
against his smack and salty seascape.

This is closure, his final encounter
with the human condition. He sees,
smiles and breathes for all the world.

Likening Myself

My knees are worn from likening myself
to a shadow torn from a dancer born of grace.
Humoured by a steady hand to guide me
I attempt to pirouette but rise and fall all at sea.

My body habitually shaping itself
to satisfy it's own amusements.
I am liquid, sloshing behind my glassy eyes.
A barn storming cleft hoofer. Surprise!

Take a tumble or two with an old friend
And we will knee tremble even as the music ends.

Stumbling Block

Allow my stumbling block to be your stepping stone.
I believe you know I cannot swim.
But you may rest upon my shoulders strong
and I will reveal to you a new horizon.

From this altitude your hands can signal smiles
to the cobalt-blue cloudless sky. Why,
You may allade to a future perfect partner
who now seems to stand as magnificent as you.

The crisp current of this stream affords me kindness,
I remain but subtly changed again.
Knowing that each passing pleasure has its place,
I am worn gently to a smoother, more rounded plane.

The Promise

I am flawed, like beached quartz whose time has passed,
A feather detached from a long flown bird,
a breeze trapped in an impenetrable cave.

I am misplaced, a mermaid's purse,
Borne reluctantly upon Neptune's great wave.
Not a word, but a whisper of a gypsy's curse.

I am an irritant to nature, an uncultured pearl.
Formed is my loneliness, farmed, smoked, cured,
Brought to the brink of bitterness and then hurled.

But! Not back into the briny drink,
Nor to the arms of a paid embrace.
No! Much worse is yet to be expressed,
Recast in the plaster strappings of grief.

To my domain where friendships lie scattered
and one in particular is tweezered, encaptured.
Without the measure of pain and pleasure
I fetter, as fettered and tease at my leisure.

I am the stone, deceptive of substance,
absorbing Love's concepts, conceits and notions.
I am the dead reef in the shallowest of oceans,
Betrayed by this, the most complex of emotions.

Edited by dayredeemer
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