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Token Effected Tree


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Combat log

Part 2

[color="#0000ff"]sorry, i tried using the show/hide box but it doesnt work T_T[/color]
see how it got screwed after some time the protection my tree cast went down into negative value.

[color="#888800"]Seems to be the length of the log, I cut it in half and it does work ~Lightsage[/color]
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[size=3][color="#0000ff"]seems like the tree protection does negative value instead of positive.and it stop taking the tree's ve but still casting negative valued protection.same thing happened to santa[/color][/size]

Battle Log
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Shame on me, i needed Neo to show me why it happens...

When Mur coded Protection, he knew that it was a superb ability, making your creatures almost bullet-proof, and therefore, he coded a backdoor that will turn the effect against you...
Whenever your protector has too little VE to martyr correctly, he will do a negative martyr instead, weakening its targets defence again!!

that shows up hardcore with the huge power a token gives, like when your tree has 2500 power but only 2400 VE, it will do a negative martyr instead... i guess the theory doesn't need further proving, dst knows that for ages, and so do almost all others who regularly fight with/against martyrs with good power^^

i just thought i might post it here so the others who are new with tokens know what's happening when their trees suddenly weaken their def instead of strengthening it =)

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