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New creature for necro :)

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I'll add it...


Oh I'm sorry :unsure:

I never really got the chance to post my creature idea.

I'll do that right now :)

Twilit Egg
des-This egg lets off a pinkish glow and as you hold it in your bare hands you grow tired and you notice yourself slowing down. It starts to scare you but you should keep it to wait to see what grows inside...

Twilit Senile
des-An ugly creature like this one probably doesn't make sense coming out of an egg. It is a faerie-like creature that sports baggy and wrinkling skin. It's dull expression is depressing and tiring. It's hair is long and straight and goes longer than it's feet. You find it is too stupid to be of any use to you but you should keep it anyways. Besides, it has an interesting new power...

Twilit Senile II
des-As you age with the Twlit Senile you notice that its growth is different. You see the same old hair and the same expression on it's disgusting face but it's wrinkles and skin blemishes are disappearingg and it looks much younger than before. Not only that but it's power is growing as well...

Twilit Siren
des-It's body is that of a young woman now. And it is no longer a helpless fairy and its power is more powerful now. It's hair is silky and smooth. The face and body of the siren draws in it's enemies only to be stripped of it's life. It can affect everyone around it.
(I'm hoping to give it a few special abilities)
[depressing aura]Takes half of all friendly creatures vitality and keeps it for itself.
[captivating aura] Makes all creatures focus all of their attacks on it. This aura effects even multi target creatures.


I seriously hope that people will like this idea. But I'm sure it can be edited and some things should be changed.

SHOUTS-You people should comment and criticize me!

Now I'l see if any other ideas pop in my head...


Eeeek. People are reading it!

Oh and to the people that say that lifestealers would be a problem...

Do you think I should add a power that could lower lifestealers powers?

Hm... How about this...

[captivating aura updated] Makes all creatures focus their DAMAGE attacks on it? Should the aura not affect lifestealers? I think that could make the creature even better since with other creatures having low vitality the lifesteal would be less effective.
[color="purple"](Merges) There's an EDIT button for a reason, use it - Grido[/color]
So what do people think of the other captivating aura? Or is the first one better?

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1. at the start it is meant to draw attacks to it self, so why is it's defence and ve so low
2. taking ve from allies? that makes it taking the attack pointless
3. theres already a far better single targeting lifestealer? why not something like defence to aid allies

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stormy... did you fail to grasp the creatures powers, or were they edited since you posted?

that captivating Aura is great, it takes all the first round weakens and damages from archers, grasans, rusties and so on ad absurdum, no matter if it dies in second rounds strikes... it buys you one round!!

and if you use it with high enough vit, it's stronger than maxed eles... imagine that thing, taking half the vit of a few overpowered grasans and chaos archies... 10k vit on a creature that takes all the hits, that thing would most probably survive the first rounda dn then go life-stealing... Burns likes, a lot :)

another strategic creature, useless against things like stealers or single-hitters, deadly good on all-hitters...

good idea^^

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Humm, so your basically trying to build a Tank?

The biggest problem that I see with the current critter is Other lifestealers, I mean this guy pretty much consolidates most of your creatures VE into itself and then forces attacks onto itself. So what happens when your opponent has even just a couple of lifestealers themselves.... Bam, end of first round you find all your creatures have lower VE then they should and this "Tank" has lost a significant portion of VE, most of which has just gone to bolster the Enemy...

Won't say if this is a good or bad idea, but personally I think there is already too many Lifestealers in the game, especially considering the Vampiric Aura of the Necrovion critters... I'd rather see more abilities that don't involve VE constantly being exchanged...

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Storm, a critters personal stats are in most cases completely negligible to the stats you give them (Especially defense). Frankly, with the new token system this critter would be overpowered. It's all down to who hits first now that everyone has so darn much attack. This insures that your other critters will survive at least one hit, so those that are just throwing one critter with massive attack into a rit to try and get all their initiative on it will be sorely upset by this critter. Plus, with it's life stealing aura (stealing from friendlies). It may even survive one go around if it's in a combo rit, or a burts is used.

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