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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='31486' date='May 19 2009, 12:05 PM']interesting i have 10 inactive adepts and it still says to me that i have 1 adept, although i have no use of any adepts so i dont mind having or not having adepts[/quote]

Are you Liberty like the LIBs? :good:

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='31510' date='May 19 2009, 06:30 PM']no no no, thing is i have 10 adepts which are always inactive havent seen them for very long time, and when ever i check it they are all inactive, and it still says that i have 1 adept :P

well i am not sure for what happened to blackwood, most likely he has to wait till next count[/quote]

And for how long will this count take? I´m having this adept counting for more then 3 weeks or more...

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I have this same bug, and these are the conditions that it occured under:
Adept was added during MP2 stage, not signup stage
Adept left during MP3 stage

I'm looking for an MP2 to test this theory with, so if anyone has an Alt at MP2 that hasn't been adepted yet (ever), get in touch in game (I'm Kyphis in game)

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IaB, the way i understand it, the ''ghost'' is you.

If you read (somewhere, cant remember where) about the people praying to the big orb, it tells you that one of them is you and the others are your adepts, it would make sense that your adept count would be at one if this applies

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unless you were an adept to yourself, which i'm not (i am an adept to bob), that wouldn't work, and i would still appear on my adepts list as active. and this is offtopic but why when i trace the ip of md does it show up as being in the garage of a random house, in Ontario Canada? if you want i can do it again and post a screenie of it XD i realy hope md isn't just in a random garage in canada...

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i didnt read that the ghost adept was you, but i read that oneof the praying figures was you, and i dont know where lol, i was going from the praying figure being you, to the ghost adept being you, if that makes sense.

maybe the server is in the garage? :P

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