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The Dimensional Shifters


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[quote]I have, for some weeks now, been working with Simplyzero on some things that will restore the DS to what it should be:[/quote]

No offense, but he had his chance.
You ... maybe, him ... i find it hard to believe that he worked on something.

Also ... you will notice that that "protection" is just something to "protect" his image.
He is losing his image (on shoeps) and he tries to keep it up as leader of DS.
(as proof, the low loyalty of the ones that he allowed in "his" alliance)

No, let him keep simplyzero in DS and do his job as he was supposed to for the past year.

And I propose you that if he is not doing his job in the next weeks, YOU take the simplyzero's account and do what he was supposed to do.

But DS is not growing with just 1 person (Lady Ailith). An elite alliance as DS needs good people and Shoeps keeps them outside.

I voted HIM out.
Lady Ailith, keep up the good work for DS.

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No One said all the necessary things... bare seconds before i was able to post the same thoughts LOL
and even while i edit my piece, dst is writing a new one... O_o

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Lady Ailith, this "war" is all about Shoeps and his alts. That is all.

He does nothing but he occupied and blocked the entire alliance with his alts.

He was supposed to run it with simplyzero, but didn't.
He was also supposed to have the GM job, but he didn't.
He messed up things a few times, let him rehabilitate himself ... alone.

If he can do both things, let him do it. If he does nothing ... don't look for excuse for him. He will display his excuses all alone.

Remember Lady Ailith, nobody hates you.

I understand that you are founded to this alliance as you said you worked for it.
Then why do you accuse dst for wanting back what she worked for a few months (if not half a year)?

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