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What is expected of Guardians


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[center]As is obvious anyone is capable of Guarding Bob, but that does not mean anyone is accepted as the group of family I call the Guardians. This group is split into various sections depending on your dedication and loyalty to your fellows, but i wont go into that here.

Here is a basic outline of what I expect to see from fundamental dedicated Guardians - who know who they are. This post is mostly for everyone else...as Guards should already know this...[/center]
- The Guardians of Bob are a family. We are tied by one common interest that stands above all others. We protect Bob. It doesn't matter your alliance, your personality nor your reputation so long as you display the right characteristics.[/color]

[color="#C0C0C0"]- Because we protect Bob, we also protect each other. Damaging a Guardian of Bob is a damage to Bob himself as it leaves him less well protected.[/color]

[color="#696969"]- Our duty is therefore to Bob, and to those who truely protect him. [/color]
- I do not expect Guardians to be flamboyant about what they do.[/color]

[color="#696969"]- I expect Guardians to have for want of a better word a "faith" in Bob, and in those who are their family. I expect Guardians to just "know" that Bob is a wonder, without a need for anything special. THAT is what makes US special. We recognise something about Bob....what it is, we each individually know, and when we speak and we listen to one another, we can see it, that each of us know what the other does, without actually having had to have said a word.[/color]

[color="#C0C0C0"]- Guardians do not hand out secrets about Bob whatever they may be. Nor about one another.[/color]
- If someone asks about Bob I expect a Guardian to answer in the appropriate way. [/color]

[color="#C0C0C0"]- I do not expect Guardians to attack each other when they stand at Bob's side, because when you stand with Bob, you are "on duty" so to speak. Now you SHOULD be on duty all the time. Eyes and ears open, no attacking other Guardians unless you are training, but I know from most of you, that is too much to ask, so I don't bother to, however, the first part remains true. At Bob, we do not attack each other - but you can attack ANYONE who passes, and if they complain, they have both me and your entire family to deal with.[/color]
- Finally....Bob is your priority, if you doubt that, if you can't cope with that, if you don't agree with that- then we need to have a talk, because you arn't a Guardian in my eyes for nothing.
Something else that might be of interest to you...

- If it turns out I made a bad decision about you, that you don't truely protect Bob, I WILL turn on you. Make no mistake. I will ensure this family knows every detail of why and how you betrayed us and I will not forgive you. You betray my trust but once.

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[quote name='Grim Angel' post='32943' date='Jun 7 2009, 08:45 PM']Boo Bob boo BURN Bob boo ^_^[/quote]

I also expect Guardians to kill Ledah...LOL :D


edit: yes my appologies DST, I also expect you to Kill Dst...or at the very least give Dst to verbal abuse like...Dst you are such a big meanie im gunna stomp on you so there ^_^

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