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Wookie slippers for chewy


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oke so as my sig says

donate some silver to me for chewy's new wookie slippers

goal is to hit 30 (becoz irl they cost 30 bucks) silver and then chewy gets new slippers

i already got some donations :D

sagewoman gave me 5 silver by now
and ailith donated 1 gold as well
krazedkid101 also donated 1 silver
and windy gave 4 more silver
grido donated another 5 silver

so join the fund for chewy's wookie slippers

(if ya are wondering i will pay for slippers and 30 silver is for my funeral since chew will kill me when i get him those, and in mdnp it will say that guy got kill by his supervisor becoz he bought him a present)

so ya know 3 coins for mdnp ad, 2 coins for ferryman, 5 for musicians, 10 for cookies and other food after funeral, 10 coins to authorities for grave place, for gravedigger to bury me and for my coffin

donate fast before chew sees this!!!!!! :D

edit: added ailith as donator, and i count 1gold=15silver so woah
edit2: more donators added, krazedkid101 and windy
edit3: added grido as donator
edit4: sagey gave one more coin so we hit the goal now chewy will get his slippers :)

big thanks to everyone who donated and supported this


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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Liberty4life' post='34260' date='Jun 21 2009, 11:02 PM']oke since when i am The Posting Dead and since when we have two chewies?[/quote]

well you arnt going to be alive for much longer. :))

Edited by Chewett
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its official he liked them :P here is chat log

[quote]Liberty: i have something for ya
*Sagewoman*: Yes Sloak
Liberty: (look at your inventory)
*Sagewoman*: all are in Sanctuarys
Sloak: hehe where??
Willem RedBeard: Indeed... congratulations Shadowseeker!
.Chewett.: Omg please no
*Sagewoman*: Hi Chewett.
Liberty: :D
.Chewett.: LOL
: Willem RedBeard laughs
Shadowseeker: Heh, thanks.
Willem RedBeard: I'll buy them from you for a silver, Chewett! *winks*
: *Sagewoman* roars with laughterShadowseeker: And chewy got his slippers :)
.Chewett.: Thanks Lib, i always wanted them *turns around* now where shall i bury him
Sloak: but they are all idle *looks down in the dirt with a disapointet look*
Sloak: but they are all idle *looks down in the dirt with a disapointet look*
: *Sagewoman* grabs onto phantasm for support
Liberty: XD
.Chewett.: You too sage. Where would you like to be buried.
*Sagewoman*: Sloak, do you need to an assignment?
*Sagewoman*: What? Im only laughing. Why me/
Liberty: i thought ya will eat us so we can rest in piece in public bathroom XD
Shadowseeker: Members of my upcoming quest please don't forget to send me a PM, and regularly check the forum topic.
.Chewett.: Oh no. The posting Dead have risen. *looks at Lib*
: *Sagewoman* jumps behind Phantasm in mock horror
*Sagewoman*: ewww no way
*Sagewoman*: Bury me in Marinds Bed.
Sloak: Nah just need to see if my tree will survive to die so I can go idle in the dojo... :)
.Chewett.: lol. that will shock some people when they go up there.
*Sagewoman*: Sloak, not a good idea.
Sloak: I need 80 losses[/quote]

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