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  • Root Admin

Now this forum does not contribute to your posts. Which means that anything offtopic or random should be posted here as this will not increment your post counts and some older users *cough* me will not be frightened by anyone beating them.

Simple precaution due to the recent "i am bored" and the renewal of the "MD addicts" or whatever it is called post

Happy Spamming.

BTW: this doesnt mean you can spam.

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*Searches for loopholes in your law*

MWAHAHA! I Found one!

*plots revenge for calling her cute by rampaging against chewett with the unrecognisable and unpinnable spam war*


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  • Root Admin

im very sorry i *cough* cute *cough* have a very bad cough at the momentt

perhaps you should *cough* post a cuteness poll *cough* try and not spam this topic as i want to try and keep this *cough* perhaps you could try and rig it so you dont win *cough* clean of spam

EDIT: Grido is offically responsible for my *cough* cough... He avvie jumped down my throat. Im pretty sure it wasnt accidental. Its also his fault you are so cute :lol:

Edited by Chewett
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Tsk Tsk,

shame ön you two.. One being administrator and one being moderator you are spaming the thread! You should have PMed me chewett! You should be setting examples for NOOB posters like me.. Shame! Shame!

and leave grido alone chewett.. Unless you want me to let my gay pimped grasan samuel, lose on you. He loves to do ballet and ball dance and is very very bad at it..

Edited by Esmerelda
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