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For those wanting to become Live Help


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For ease, all the LHO announcements I'm putting at the top here [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]
[quote](2008-07-15 02:06:07 - Alpha 6 )
.... For those that don't know yet, becomming LHO is one of the many ways you can get deeper in the game and involved with its development. Like all other ways you first have to actualy DO what you are supposed to be doing and only after that you can claim to be recognized and allowed in the team.[/quote][quote](2008-09-27 21:58:58 - Alpha 7 )
New voting feature will be used to allow votes for certain players such as LHO, Dojo teachers, and in other situations where a public vote is needed. If a player should be voted for something, you will see the question and the voting buttons on his detail panel when clicking the playername in chat. You can vote only once. Votes are reset from time to time and they count for important decisions such as who does a good live support job or other specific activities. More uses of this new voting system will be implemented in time.[/quote][quote](2009-04-29 00:18:51 - Alpha 8 )
LHO staff members are requested to do what LHO is about or they will be demoted without warning. Papercabin and other strategic beginner locations were empty for the past days with lots of newcommers.[/quote][quote] (2009-04-30 19:18:27 - Alpha 8 )
LHO cleanup. Some of the existing, now former, LHO think that their LHO status is some kind of fancy playername change that they carry around forever after they did LHO work. Today i cleaned all the LHO i found in other locations other than regular noob locations, or those that were inactive to much. The LHO assigned to dojo should also know that defesive quarters interior is not the same as defensive quarters exterior and just because they enjoy beeing in a remote empty location where is nobody to help, does not count as an escuse. The LHO announcement requesting all LHO to assist in the key locations was posted long ago, yet i didn't find anyone helping at the papercabin for example. The demoted LHO can regain their status the same way they gained it before. Currently there are many LHO jobs available both for the demoted LHO but mainly for the non-LHO players that want to help and get promoted to LHO. If .jonn. is temporary away it doesn't mean its chaos time for you, it just mean i will takeover and judge you based on what i see , not based on your previous experience with .Jonn.[/quote][quote](2009-05-06 22:27:37 - Alpha 8 )
Grido was promoted to chief of LHO staff. This promotion was decided both by me and the former LHO chief of staff, .Jonn. All LHO will report to Grido.[/quote]

There was an announcement that said about the demotion of LHO's, that happened because they were helping less than they should have been. Being a LHO isn't about showing off you have *'s around your name or fancy spells, it's about helping new players into the game, if you stop doing that, you get demoted.

LHO = Live Help Operator. You help people, live.

This is not just for a week or a month, this is for as long as you have your wings, if you don't agree with this, or can't handle it, then don't apply. Simple as that.

Now that i've said that [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]

If you feel you're cut out for the job send me a pm under the heading ''Becomming Live Help'' detailing what SERVER times you are available (from and to), please list seperate times for weekdays and weekends. Also include your ID and messenger address (if you have one) in the pm.
[b]Note: if it is not in this format I may be prone to lose or misplace the message.[/b]

[u]What the post involves:[/u]
[list][*]Answering questions left by noobs in the chat.[*]Leaving helpful messages in the chat for new players, such as ''Click on the scroll to begin'' or ''You will need more than one creature to defeat the shades''. (Please use better ones than these)[*]Being along the noob route (Paper Cabin down to The Aramory) at the agreed upon times to help those in need of assistance*[*]Willingness to respond in a friendly mannor even if you've recieved the same pm from 20 different noobs in a week, or repeated simple answered questions from a single player.[/list]*Timetable being created, will be ready soon when information has been confirmed, until then, be around the area as much as you can whenever you're online.

There will be ''shift leaders'' which I will assign, these will always be players who have already made LHO, but those who are not yet will still work under them, I will inform them who has been asked to help at the hours they are shift leader, the shift leader will be publicly known. They will report back to me the events that happened within their shift.

If needs be, I can be contacted at the e-mail address: grido (at) ymail (dot) com

This post will get updated as needs be, feel free to ask questions as to what I've put.

Edited by Grido
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will edit this in later...
paraphrased what players are required to do
as to the the requirements, you do the job before getting it, only requirement other than the job itself is that you are mp4 or above

or i'm just sleepy and cant think of stuff atm, either way, will edit in stuff tomorrow

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There is now an application page in the Paper Cabin, on the Attic Cord, all the information you need to know is there.

If you want to apply you should submit an application there, it is reccomended you start helping out in the cabin and marble dale park ~before~ making an application if you want it to have a higher chance of success.

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The Attic Cord has been down for just over a month, but is now back up again.

I ask that anyone who had pending applications, and are still interested in applying, please reapply. I have saved copies of all previous applications if you wish to refer to them.

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