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i need help


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Ask someone to show you. There are way to many different types of scanners it would be impossible to give you directions.

The best I can tell you is place it on the screen, line it up, press the green button and then a program pops up on your computer. I don't know what model yours is, or if it is a 3 in one scanner or what ever they have now. But it isn't that hard.

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[quote name='redneck' post='35200' date='Jun 28 2009, 02:00 AM']can any1 help me on how to send my pic through my printer to on the computer so i can show every1 how good i can draw and mybe get into the artisians guild[/quote]

just scan it, and it'll be saved default on : my document/my scan/...)

then open the place/site where u want to put it,maybe...here for example?
then post a new topic or reply,insert image,upload it from the file source (my documents/my scan/...)


*for the artisans u should contact Glordamar by his email (glordamar@gmail.com)*

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