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For some reason IE is having problems with images taken from the forum showing

Once I open the forum though then it allows IE users to see the pics

any suggestions I don't understand how to fix it.

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[quote name='Chewett' date='12 July 2009 - 12:17 PM' timestamp='1247415453' post='36841']
could you explain the problem a little better please,

Thank you


See when I get on everyone except those using internet explorer can see all of my pictures without a problem. But when IE people look at my screen the two pictures listed above show up as red X instead of the picture.

When I open the forum and look at the picture, and then go back to the game, then IE people can view my pictures. So its almost like I have to go into the forum and look at the pictures every days so that IE people can view them.

Its very strange because Foxfire and all the rest have no problem viewing them at any time.

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  • Root Admin

So the problem is that they cannot view the picture when not logged in?

Because on ie 8 im getting a board error that "[#10171] You do not have permission to view this attachment. "

What Version of IE are you on?

Bar at top -> Help or Question Mark Icon -> About Internet Explorer

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no even when im online they can not be viewed unless i go into the forum and open the picture up each day

using IE8

i can't even view it myself until i go onto the forum and open the pictures in the subforum. Then it seems like it refreshes the id link or something and then ya can view it.

Im having thomas send the files to see if its something that is up with the link the pictures have on the forum.

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