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Heat Bug


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I am not sure if this is abug or a problem reguarding my stats but anyways...I walk around MD everywhere but Loreroot with 500 heat...my energict immunity is 129 and I get a message saying that my heat increased by 24 yet my heat keeps going down, it never goes up any.

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have you tried refreshing?
the heat counter takes like ages to be updated, i usually run about with 0 heat and then all of a sudden go up to 2500 about 50-90 secs after i took my first step...

EI is not related to heat as far as i remember, your briskness will boost the heat you get and you lose it 1 per second, no matter what immunity you have

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my briskness is 95 and I ahve done that walking around without sacing and still my heat never goes up just keeps goin down. The only time it goes up is when I sac creatures

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