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An Original Idea Taken To New Heights


The Coleseum  

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I know this idea isnt originally mine so Credit for the main part of the Soloseum goes to Master Wodin but heres my idea for taking it to the next level.

Havin a Coloseum Tounement once every six months at Champions Dome. During the torniment we ahve specific rules, only people of the same Mind power lvl are able to fight one another (meaning MP3s can only compeat with other MP3s and so on), regular players can only fight regular players, PWRs are only able to fight PWRs and RPCS are only able to fight RPCS. now this is where the whoel new level comes in...have an area where people can bet items, coins, creatures and credits on who they think will win during each fight and each fight will consist of three round best out of the three rounds wins. each round will consist of one attack ritual from each person and 1 def ritual. if def ritual holds up from the attack...attacker loses.

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  • Root Admin

I overall think the idea is ok but whats the idea behind separation of rpcs pwrs and normal players? that has no sense as roleplaying has nothing to do with fighting at all. If you are worrying about spells then dont allow them, Its simple. But i dont think that rpcs would have to fight rpcs. Also what is a PWR? a person with tag? or by definition of PWR a "Player with Role" Technically everyone is a PWR is they have a role.

It just doesnt make sense that for example Raven shouldnt face Dst because dst isnt a rpc. Mind power devision is fine but when it comes down to cutting up some of the better players so they cant fight each other?

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the reason for the divsion of regular players, and atleast RPCs is because unless I am mistaken RPCs ahve obtained ecessive stat boost from their promotion plus it adds more sections to the Coleseum there for making it more interesting. Its one thing to see an RPC like Raven go toe to toe with myself but a whole new ball game to see Raven go toe to toe with Ailith.

The division of players based on MP lvl is a must...it wouldnt be fair for a MP5 to be able to take on an MP3 or MP4. Also spells would ahve to be banned during for those people who ahve them during the Colesuem battles

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even IF RPCs got good stats boosts, which isn't the case, they are still weaklings compared to the grinders elite, like Lifeline, eigger, dst, cless... those who have some really good stats :D

so, it makes really no sense to seperate them from the 'normal' players...
it wouldn't even make sense to disable spells, they'd need them to stand realistic chances xD

however, i don't see the point of your idea anyway... we know who the strongest persons are without making a contest for it LOL

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similiar ideas have been toyed around with by several people (me included) and the idea itself has definately potential. but with the only exception from normal battling being the bets on who'll win, this doesn't sound too innovative yet...

as has been said, rpc/pwr/normal player seperation isn't necessary at all (neither is seperation by mp level). if you want to have several 'levels' and challenges, make it something like [former HC winners], [players with 1k+ attack], [3k+ attack], [no-token-challenge], etc...

as for mp levels: i know a couple of mp3 who defeated some of the stronger mp4 and 5 :D why not giving the higher mp level (/the stronger char) a handycap, a certain number of heads which decrease their stats. or a certain restriction to their setup. there are so many possibilities to make a colloseum an interesting thing. once it's fleshed out, bets could have a place there too.

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A minor issue to be addressed (No i'm not paying attention to the fighty fighty talk :D )
Champions Dome isn't accesable to all, so the Colluseum can't be held there.

[quote name='Chewett' date='29 July 2009 - 11:05 AM' timestamp='1248861904' post='38155']
Excessive stat boasts??? are you crazy? im the weakest mp5 around.

if im mistaken no rpc has received a stat boast when they got promoted
Lies Chewie....that'd be me.

Chewie Regeneration : 82
Grido Regeneration : 49

Chewie Energetic immunity : 124
Grido Energetic immunity : 58

Chewie Trade sense : 54
Grido Trade sense : 35

Chewie Initiative : 63
Grido Initiative : 27

Chewie Defence : 343
Grido Defence : 136

Chewie Briskness : 108
Grido Briskness : 344 (i have +300 due to illusions, so really only 44)

Chewie Attack : 499
Grido Attack : 178

Chewie Luck : 65
Grido Luck : 25

Chewie Power : 109
Grido Power : 59

See, i'm weakest, not you

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I like the idea of +1000 atck in one group +2000 atck in another, etc
And non-token challenge

that makes strategy more interesting instead of 'the one with highest initiative wins' xD

Btw Grido... You're really weak lol

Edited by Prince Marvolo
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No, the weakest mp5 I can think of is baiano:

If grido is weak, then baiano is so fragile a touch will make him shatter:

Regeneration : -28
Energetic immunity : -82
Trade sense : -13
Briskness : -137
Initiative : -42
Defence : -320
Attack : -287
Power : -62
Luck : -10

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lol, yeah real stats, i have an open profile, have a look for yourself :)
to quote a self claimed (wrongfully) awesome bunny, i am living proof you don't need to fight to achieve things in MD
But think about it, i'm in illusions all the time, why do i need the stats?

SS, shush, i'd forgotton about Baiano [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//blum.gif[/img]

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I am sure that there is a way for champions dome to be used for the events when ever they are to happen if Mur will allow it. ALso I like the ideas of having different sections though I was trying to limit the excessive amount of work for the time being and if the Coleseum is a sucess add different stages of competitions. Also this idea did not come from the idea of whos the strongest its an idea concieved of this single thought "I bet 5 silver that Ailith could stomp Raven". also to add a twist to things...perhaps there is a way for those watching the coloseum to watch the battles them selves.

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Saying "I am sure that there is a way for champions dome to be used for the events when ever they are to happen if Mur will allow it" shouldn't be going through your head really.

If you look at just about anything else in the realm which was started by a player, it was started FIRST and then Mur helped it a bit, this wont just magically get decided "yes it'll happen, of course Mur will help if he allows it." it's not whether Mur 'allows' it, it's whether you can get it going or not, something like this he likely would 'allow' because he might not do anything against it, but just because he doesnt do anything against it, doesnt mean he'll do stuff to help it.

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0% battles would be interesting you could also have creature restrictions etc like some battles could be no premium creatures or something like that or restrict amount say only 2 creature battle or full 6 would be a very good idea.

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0% Battles take out a great deal of strategy from the game, the use of less than 6 critters becomes an avoidance of multiple only. What'd be wonderful is if there were a way to set everyone's stats to a specific amount for that day, as well as Ve and of course turning off tokens for a day. Of course that would take a great deal of effort on Mur's part. Frankly I think a Colosseum wouldn't be terribly exciting. Most of the enjoyment of a Colosseum was the crowd. There is never a crowd for a fight in MD, even if plenty of people are around. 'Course I do suppose we could still take bets.

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What Could be interesting... is RP battles?
I mean, whats the fun of seeing 2 pple battle with creatures? Actually, you cant even see it [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//blum.gif[/img]

So, 2 persons can set up a RP battle (Yes "Set up" Otherwise we get the Godmoders...) And then fight...
Its not about winning, its about enjoying the RP scene...

Its a RolePlay game after all xD

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@ marv: i have a similiar concept in my military papers, just that it actually can involve some keydata from a fight to form a frame for the rp. it could be played similiar to gaimans 'the oldest game' (in that case it could for example keep the form of ritual battle and narrate a fight between the participant's armies) or as a 'contest' of strategists and story-tellers, where one can lose the actual fight but win the rp battle by weaving the events into the own story in such a way that they favour your strategy/agenda.

the concept isn't bound to one 'form', and can be as complex as the participants want it to be.

needless to say, there haven't been too many challengers yet [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//blum.gif[/img]

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