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Are You Really Insulted?

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The following is a direct copy and past from my Hate List IG.

Many people find it offensive. I get several pms a week calling me a variety of names. I posted this because people need to realise just because I do not seem to be nice, does not mean I am. If you take what I say as an insult, you need to take a step back, and think. Don't get your panties in a bunch JUST because it sounds insulting. Why do you find it insulting? Really. Ask yourself that before you take offense to anything in general.

I do not get angry over many things, just because I ask myself why do I find it insulting. I rarely ever find a good enough reason to be insulted. Just because it hurt my feelings does not mean I should flame you to make ego feel better.

I appear insulting to many. And I appear honest to others. Why is that?

I say what needs to be said, without the political correctness others say it with. I do not believe in Political Correctness to a point. If I have to hurt a few feelings to get people to realise that they need to change their ways, so be it.

My goal in life is make as many of people possible realise that they need to stop acting all affronted over the dumbest things. Take a good look at what offends you, why does it offend you? Is it because you don't agree with it? Is it because you were told it was insulting? Does it sound rude? Is it because you don't know what it means or the reasoning behind it that you take offense to?

Please, before you take offense to something, have a REAL reason as to why you have taken offense to it.

[quote]There are many things about every that irks me. Here are a few:

Please be warned this Paper contains my opinions. They may/probably will offend you because they, in all probability, concern you or your friends. You have been warned. Enjoy!

Children. This game is not real life. It is inside our heads. We project types of images at each other in acts of violence so that we may beat our foes into submission. This is NO PLACE FOR RP CHILDREN. If you want to play with Children so desperately... You know what to do. I mean hell, if I were a child and saw a maxed Grasan, I would probably shit myself.

People who apologize for something... Noone is truely sorry about something. It is an extremely over rated word. Are you truely sorry? No... you are not because you wouldn't have done it in the first place if you had. Accidents are actions we perform intentionally in our unconcious mind!

Lame RPs. A person that bends fire? A knight? They are not original. Come up with something new, PLEASE! [If you want to be a true Knight, try being an over zealous knight that runs around trying to save everyone from anything...] If you need help coming up with something original, I will gladly help you! I love working on RPs, large or small. Do not RP children. I will slice your throat where you stand if you do...

Cybersex. Honestly people, this is the WORST thing to continually walk in on. There are MANY chatrooms on the internet devoted to this. Go there, leave your filthy minds out of MD. Or get laid. Which ever you prefer.

Overly nice people. I RP my character as an abrasive young man who can have fits of anger, or be a warm compassionate person. Your character cannot possibly be nice absolutely all the time. It is unreasonable. Try slapping someone the next time they irk you.

The over abundance of bars/inns/alcohol. I understand that having a place that you can have some authority over is quite appealing but, PLEASE! Come up with something new. I have seen five or six different bar/inns pop up all over MD. As for the alcohol, I understand many of you are underage, and are not allowed to drink Alcohol... It does not make you cool, it does not make you more fun if you aren't actually drunk, so... please. [Noone cares about how many different drinks you searched on Google. Really.] Go find some friends to get hammered with, or find something else to drink. Pamplemousse is quite good when freshly squeezed. Hehe.

People who confuse my character as me. I purposely stay IC ALL the time IG for a reason. I am a quite nice guy most of the time. I am not Fenrir. I have a detailed idea of who he is as a person. Do not confuse him with me.

Those who cannot spell worth a damn because of laziness. Please try to learn how to speak english. This IS a text based game... Perfect grammar is not needed, but please, some of you, go back to the third grade and pay attention. [If you are from another country, you have a reasonable excuse ;) ]

Greed. One thing I can not stand above all, are those people who can't see the actual value of an item. Or those who steal. I hate people who steal. -_-

People who will read this and complain that I am being a complete d*ck. There is a warning at the top of this list for people like you. Read it and follow it. [/quote]

Edited by Fenrir Greycloth
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who do you mean by children, as in what age group? as there are some rather prominint pwr's and there is from what i can tell (wich may not be right) there is even an rpc or 2 that i would consider a child, when i say i would consider them a child, i mean there age is under 18, i can say that i myself am not even 18 yet.....

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What I see in it is that you Generalise Everything
I know many kids who can see the difference between RL and RP, and adults who dont...

Apologise? If you never apology, then you are quite a (I quote) "a complete d*ck" yes... Cause apologising is just a way to show someone you regret something... And if you think at people cant regret things... Well, I dont know... Its just, to use a harsh word for it, heartless

Again, Generalised, Not every knight is Lame RP And children? I wonder what's your grudge agains them, You've been one too you know

Cybersex, ok agreed

Overly nice people, YOU might RP "an abrasive young man who can have fits of anger, or be a warm compassionate person." But that Doesnt mean EVERYONE needs to do that... its RP as you said, not RL...

And pubs? Look, I AM underage, and politely asked an Orange Juice from Sage

And dmn... You are also too lazy ro spell RP or IC/IG? Its the same, not?

Well... Just my humble opinion about it...

(Sorry, I'm just majorly pissed off today, my apologises for that)

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Marvolo, it is not children playing. I know some underage players that are some of the best RPers, but those who play children and are adults.

That they rp having kids, and then play as a child. It's just something that irks me.

Anyways, the point of this topic was to point out why people get insulted over dumb things and to take a step back and realise what they are insulted about and deal with that problem instead.

If I were to call someone a name, it is not the name that people are offended by, but the actual act of trying to insult them that they should be insulted by. Not much of a difference in this example, but hopefully it gets the point across.

What if I to pick on people who have dumb Rps? If you get offended by that, what are you really offended by? Surely not my opinion that there are dumb RPs out there. Just the other day I helped someone work out an RP after finding out they were a half breed vampire lord that can control fire and can turn into a nine tailed fox(What is thatÉ It sounds like a pokemon to me... lol) at will.

Of course that is their choice to rp something stupid like that, but this game is about serious Rps, or not so serious Rps... *glances at MB* but those Rps are well played so it evens out.

Edited by Fenrir Greycloth
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Well, that was not clear to me...
Still, since you are firnedly in Rl and RP an Quick tempered young man
Then why cant an adult RP a child?
We were all children once

Oh, and the the "I hate pple that steal" thing...
Sorry, but that reminds me of the Avatar stuff...

And I am more wondering Why you are posting dumb stuff to make pple insulted?
Look, Since you dont agree that Apologising is possible... You wont regret that you insult people?

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Again, I am not posting to insult people. I am trying to get them to think about WHY they are insulted and deal with that problem.

As for the theft thing, I can argue my point of view, but thatès not the point of this topic. I am not quick to anger, I may get annoyed, but when I get angry I am ANGRY.

We were all children. Yes, what does that have to do with thisÉ (I dunno why but certain buttons are making wierd foreign letters :S) Children with no purpose but to be a child is something that bothers me, because children bother me. They have no responsibility for their actions. Rping as a child is fine, if it is done in a certain way.

Once again, the POINT OF THIS TOPIC is not what my Hate List says, but to get people to realise that they need to think about what they get insulted by... -_-

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Well, I can tell you one thing: try it and you'll see if I will feel insulted or not. ;)

I really don't see the point of all this. It's obvious that a person with common sense will feel insulted so why do you insist? You feel the need to argue all the time? You feel the need to show off? Try doing that somewhere else. Here all you'll get are enemies or at least players that will not like you. If you are ok with that then...fine by me but you must know that you are walking a really thin line and I don't think you have what it takes for it.
I appreciate more a subtle "insult" then a blunt one. Everybody can swear but few can say things in a way that they don't sound offending but the meaning is worse then the actual bad words :D. But for that you need brains :D. And a drop (if not maybe more) of education.
For the moment all you have proved is that you can swear. Unfortunately I don't expect more :D.

I agree: swearing is good sometimes. I do it also from time to time because it releases some of the mental pressure (quick and painless :D and also without wasting any resources) but from that to saying 5 words from which 3 are swears it's a long way.
Fun fact:I have a friend that when she swears she says: Flowers! Or slippers! -_- She's fun to listen :D

To conclude: I see swearing as a lack of education and sometimes stupidity.

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[quote name='dst' date='06 August 2009 - 12:22 AM' timestamp='1249507371' post='38810']

Fun fact:I have a friend that when she swears she says: Flowers! Or slippers! [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img] She's fun to listen [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]


Flowers!!!!XD [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]

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Your post doesn't leave space for reading between the lines ;). It's blunt and offending to most players.
What do you expect? High level conversation about what? Insulting people? :D
We can try but I suspect we'll fail miserably -_-

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It is interesting to me how one will presumably read an entire thread to pick out one thing they dislike to then argue about that singular point, ignoring the rest in its entirety.
It is a logical fallacy colloquially known as the "Straw Man." In it, one takes words or statements out of context to speak against, making it seem as though they had refuted another's point or assertion when they did nothing of the sort. It happens all too often.

All Fenrir Greycloth is putting out for others to consider is [i]why[/i] one feels insulted to any given combination of words or phrases. What is it that causes one to take offence at any given statement?
He said nothing about how to insult others nor did he say anything about insulting others purposefully.
He is simply stating that what would insult one person might have no affect on another. He is curious to the reasons behind it and would like others to think about their reasons and the source of their feelings, as well.

When he says that he dislikes seeing adults role play children, why is it that others find that offensive? The same goes for his statements about apologies, substandard or clichéd role play ideas, alcohol and taverns, and everything that he claims is listed on his hate page. If one finds his statements offensive, what does that say about the person experiencing that reaction?

A tirade against swearing is unnecessary as it is not what this thread it about.
There is no reason to read between the lines as he is making his point quite plain.

To the point of your statements, Fenrir Greycloth, I would say that one might be offended for different reasons. One might find ignorance itself to be offensive, and one who displays no desire to learn to be more so. A perceived breach in etiquette, honor, tradition, protocol or similar notions is known to cause offense to many. There are terms, derogatory epithets, that are offensive to specific groups of people, none of which I need list here, which have a whole history associated with them. Something similar may occur when one uses words that are considered vulgar, again, none that need be spelled out.
However, I see nothing in your list that contains any of what I have listed here. I certainly do not find anything you list to be offensive, and on some points, I even agree.

I would hope you have not removed yourself so far from this topic as to no longer wish to post responses. There are those who you can have meaningful discussions with, though it may take time to find them.

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if some one cant RP as a child,then why RP a d**K (like you*you are not origenal*)??
i argue this point becouls of what YOU have said to me!RP is a life dreamed up by the dreamer,further more you dont bother me in RL but in-character you do DRay doesnt care a lot about you.....i see you kiss butt to select people and to the rest you push you're BS in there face...SO SHUT YOU'RE FACE!!

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Not sure what I think about the rp kid thing. I have met one or two I really enjoyed. They add spice to rp.

I am thinking of Interview with the Vampire. Remember that vampire kid, who was really messed up? Maybe MD kids would be like that...

Not really sure though, haven't had the desire to play one myself.

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as htey all seem to cling to the children business, i may as well add my thought on that too...
i dislike the kids that are played by their parents, like... well, almost all those carpet-rats out there...

for me it's not about them being kids, that's fine, it's about them being alts and people interacting with themselves day after day and even calling that roleplaying -.-

i hardly ever feel insulted about things in games, so your page just made me smile, even though it concerns me in some parts xD

nonetheless, it's quite offensive all along, and some people might feel insulted by it, specially those you are aiming at...
when you put such things on a public place, you can be sure to get some hate mails, small wonder you got some XD

so, i could summarize: no, i don't feel insulted myself, but i think it's offensive enough to be insulting to some, and i think that's the reason why people would be bothered, as some of those ever-happy-smiling-guys-and-girls out there make it their mission to make this place joyfull for all or something the like... i never quite understood that concept :/

apart from that, maybe lots of people who are sending you some trash-mail have another acc that is concerned by the things there, maybe they play their own child, maybe they have a firebending knight...

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I am TRULY sorry, but as a child who is also a firebending knight who has cybersex with an overly nice thief that steals beer from a barman who can't spell due to laziness, I find this whole thing very offensive.

Nah, just kidding.

I'm not even remotely offended by fenrir's comments for a few reasons:

1. They are his opinions and he's entitled to them, just as I would expect him to allow me my opinions.
2. I don't have the time to get offended by things, there are much more important things in life.
3. He's in a different country and i'm never likely to meet him, and probably wouldn't know him if I DID meet him, so why should I get offended?

So go ahead, play a child or whatever. Why does it matter if someone doesn't like it?

get over it and get on with it.
That's what I'd do anyway.


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[quote]Please be warned this Paper contains my opinions. They may/probably will offend you because they, in all probability, concern you or your friends. You have been warned. Enjoy![/quote]
Probably the worst disclaimer ever.

[quote]I mean hell, if I were a child and saw a maxed Grasan, I would probably shit myself.[/quote]
But if you were a grasan child, you'd say 'hi gramps, can I have some humon flavored candy?'
If I remember the children thread well, the problem is people roleplaying child birth and then having a parent-child relationship with their alts, which is about as genuine as having two alts fall in love. And the children should stay babies for a long time, depending on their race. Hybrid children in puberty should be fun to watch though: give them a book on biology and explain what a mule is and can't do.

Apologies: genuine apologies do exist. Sadly a lot of people say 'I am sorry... but [it's all your fault and I'm not sorry at all, actually I'm mainly saying I'm sorry to prove I am morally superior to you]' That sucks. Generalization sucks too.

Overly nice people: Characters can be nice all the time, they'd just die really really fast. Turning the other cheek when being stabbed is not something Darwin would recommend. There's no danger in being nice more often than being rude though. Actually, being rude all the time is a bad move too. Unless you are powerful enough to make an enemy out of everyone... godmodding?

Lame RP: having an original concept is good, but not falling into godmodding is a lot more important in order not to ruin the good concept.

Overall, people are likely to be offended because of the disclaimer and generalization. The way you put it, you expect everybody to be a source of irritation to you, or at the very least to have close friends that are 'at fault'. Of course generalizing things will help a lot to meet that expectation.
I have a small list of common RP errors in my beliefs papers, no one ever complained about those. Few people probably read it, but I think the main difference is that I wrote it as a guideline; not a rant. I tried to keep things light and funny, while adding enough argumentation and persuasion. Just maybe some people will actually read the whole thing and learn from it. That is its raison d'être.

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Ok after seeing the responses of those I respect I will edit to be more of a guideline than a rant. I admit that it was a rant and harsher than I could have made it, but isn't that what the hate page is for to express your dislikes?

Anyways, my point is that it's not meant to offend you, but to actually male you think.

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