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The ongoing quest page doesn't show properly in swiftweasel (firefoxlike) anymore now that there are more quests listed there. It's all there in the html source, but at some point it gets cut of. It's not difficult to read it there for me, but it might not be the obvious solution for other people.
And for sake of completeness: Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope for amd64.


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no i dont think this is browser problem.... its os problem.... well this is noticed only on linux atm, same thing here in ff

it happens with free creds occasionally, right side menu AL, quest page, and such, for some reason that is unknown to me... and simply i dont care much... at first i thought it might be gui bug... but since i am on kde and ya on ubuntu and ubuntu uses gnome... that doesnt seems to be problem... thing is... that md uses inline frames... and for some reason when they are loaded display gets screwed.. i mean it isnt properly displayed but if ya open frame... single frame in separate tab everything would get shown to ya, nothing would get cut off, idk for swiftweasel, but i think this might have to do with new version of gecko 1,9 which mozilla released lately, but not sure on this..... for some reason this happens only for mozilla based browsers on linux only, at least thats what i figured out

if ya payed attention on your right ya would have seen that al isnt fully displayed... and at the end of it is forum link for opinions about al and some stuff like that, i can see on your ss that ya dont have full al displayed there

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Refreshing doesn't seem to work in this case and using page up/down only works if I open the frame in a separate tab. It's not that difficult to work around this bug, but that doesn't mean everyone knows it or looks at the forum for it.
I guess this is the most frustrating part of browser games: getting it to look the same on all browsers available.

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