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Cannot Edit The Comments On Self Page

Blood Prince

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Hi All,

I cannot edit my comments on self page since the buttons do not appear. I first thought it was a browser issue but it has persisted with my account for about a month. I checked with different machines but the results are still the same.

[b]Problem description[/b]

[*]When you click the comments on self icon the pop opens my current story
[*]But the edit button , ok button or the close button is not visible
[*]I have to refresh the whole screen to get rid of the pop up since i have no way of closing it
[*]I cannot edit my story because the buttons are not there

Any fix in this regard is much appretiated

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if you're not online curently, log on, i'll find you and sort it

EDIT: actually find me at GoE

EDIT2: you clearly dont check forum enough after posting a bug report related to you, but nevertheless you walked past GoE so i can do what i wanted. It's broken because you copied the text from Word or some other. DONT! ach, it causes too many problems, if you want to write it first, copy it from notepad.

EDIT3: fixed

Edited by Grido
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