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So, because I'm bored at the moment and have nothing better to do, I thought I'd post this idea.

I think it'd be cool if you could attack someone with more than one person. (Perhaps defend too.)

Here are some suggested logistics.

When you click a players name you would get the options attack, or, attack with. If you choose attack with you then click someone else's name from the area list. This person then gets an invite along the lines of "Blah blah would like your help in attacking blah blah." If the person accepts each player submits 3 critters to the battle, then chooses personal influence and the player who initiated chooses a name. Stats and Ve would be applied only to your critters, not split evenly between whatever was added (Of course that's just a suggestion). Auras from critters however WOULD apply to all critters in the rit (otherwise you'd just end up weaker when you're fighting together for some people.) From then on if you attack someone the ritual you created can be selected, if the person who created the ritual is also in the area a message stating "Blah blah would like your help to fight blah blah using the ritual blah blah." If they accept you start the fight right away. There would have to be a cancel fight invitation in case someone is away for a bit to keep you from getting caught up.

Another possibility could be group defend. When you do the above in creating a team ritual you can set it to defense. When attacked the game then checks if the person you created the ritual with is still in the area, if they are, it auto defends with that ritual.

Frankly I think it might add some interesting strategy to fighting, and it seems like fun to me.

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This is what Mur was talked about what his new combat system that he never quite finished. Let me look for the link...


In that he talks about a new system that involves more than 1 v 1 action. Your version is a slightly more concrete type of implication of that idea, and I don't think it's what Mur has/had in mind.


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I am 100% positive that this is not what he had in mind. That is why I posted team battles for the current system to avoid confusion. He had a more fluid and interesting new battle system in mind. However, this would take much less effort, I would much rather the new system than this, but it's not like this would be near as hard as what he was thinking.

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