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Ok...I think I have kept my mouth shut for too long cause it was not my business. Now it is since I was involved in (partially).

What is wrong with you people?!!!
RJ, why are you quitting? Cause of what Akasha did? C'mon! Me and Akasha did and do not get along and you all know this. But this time she was right. I watched the HC and I noticed what it was going on. Raven, I told you to stop, you ignored me! Amoran you came to me and start talking to me to see whos's side I was this time and when you saw I was not on yours you played the innocent pup! You took me for a fool and I do not like that! I am sorry to say this but you lost all the trust I had in you...pity...
You used bugs(the ones that allowed you 2 to compete in HC).Good! Congratz! You know where I stand when it comes to this sort of thinks. BUT if you get caught OR you are asked NOT to do it and you keep doing it be prepared to suffer the consequences. It seems that you do not understand the responsibilities here...and that is a shame.

From now on I will speak in general, not refer to someone in particular.

I stated before that MD players are chickens! But i though that RPCs are not (ok...except one and we all know who he is :D). It seems I was mistaken. You make me believe even more in my previous idea that being an RPC is the worst thing it can happen to a player in this game. Wouldn't this be a shame? I am waiting for such a long time for someone to change my mind about this but it seems all you do is strengthen it.

You have an issue with someone don't get lost, get even!
You think I am talking bs? No! I done that! And yes (sorry Mur but I have to say this) the reason Shoeps/simply left was me! And all I did was play and ignore him. In time he showed his true face and in the end he lost everything. And yes, I am proud. I got even.

If you quit you only show that you are week. As an RPC you DO have powers. You can change things. If you hit an wall like Akasha then find a way to get past it. But noooo...you all go away scared.Shame on you! Stick to your opinions!
Defend them! And if you lose don't be a sore loser! Losing is part of life. Losing IS part of MagicDuel.

You like handling thing in private? Good. But you should know that NOTHING remains private for long. What do you prefer: rumors or the truth? Hiding the garbage under the carpet is just a temporary solution. Sooner or later you will have no place for it and it will all go all over the place.

I think I will stop here...too many things said...

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i know im a noob and all...
but i think RPCs are still one of the greatest people in MD. There have been a few RPCs who have proven themselves to be...less than honorable. But to me there should be bad RPCs as well as good RPCs. Should all RPCs be kind, helpful, generous? I don't think so. I think people, like Raven, who are well known to stick people into dreams without reason or single handedly shift the balance of the HC deserve their place same as the others. Sure, alot of people may not like them, but they still have an impact on MD as a whole therefore are still effective RPCs.

Some of my closest friends are RPCs, and so are some of my worst enemies. The ONLY problem I have had with any RPC is inactivity. I understand perhaps at one time they had a role in the game, but they sure don't now. I like to see RPCs out and about, playing and interacting with other players. Key word Playing/Player in RPC. Im currently 176 days old in the game, started around February, and have rarely seen an RPC who is online often, not have a large effect on the MD world as a whole.

Like I said I'm just a nooby at this game compared to alot of you I'm sure. Thats just my opinion on the whole thing. I have looked up to and wanted to be an RPC since I met Zleiphneir when I first started and more than 6 months later still hold the point of view that RPCs make this game tick

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  • Root Admin

You make a very good point Phantasm. Many rpcs do not bother doing things once they have become Rpc. Others continue to Rp and Make some devilishly hard quests.

It all depends on the Rpc and what you see an Rpc is, Some Have a more Admin role, Such as grido. Rpcs are central to the game but that shouldnt really be the case in my view. It should be the players.

Rpcs should not automatically gain respect for what they are, But should like all players gather it slowly as people see what they do and say.

It all depends on the rpc, Some are good some are bad. Just like everyone else.

Edited by Chewett
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I don't ever recall hiding away or anything of the sort. I get a lot of abuse from players in honesty, players who say that because I state an opinion or explain how something is supposed to be or how I consider it might be better be done, say that I'm "in my rpc tower judging them". Yet when there is an issue, we are the ones you come to to try to resolve it for you or we are the ones who take all the flack for fighting your issue for you. (not you dst, the general you). So I can understand if some people don't really feel like stepping out there and stating something if all they will get is "stupid rpc, like you know anything, you're just a player with a badge, shut up."

Standing down as RPC isnt necessarily giving up, they still have influence and a voice as a player as much as anyone else. In fact its rather a grand statement from one perspective, don't you think?


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lol just got a pm from someone asking for a drac. Of course rpc are disrespected by players. Any mod in almost any game is. I'm a mod on 2 games and ridicules always come in from players. Some people grudge on them and quickly aren't mods anymore, others shrug it off and move on. People with grudges do not make good mods as it shows their true weakness. especially on a computer. If words hurt you that much then go outside.

Also yes Z stepping down can be a sign of Stepping up :-)

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Talking to you to see who's side you were on? You can be on your own damn side dst, I don't really care. I was stuck in the maze and needed help, and you threw a bunch of crap at me so I dealt with it. If you call that 'judging sides' then fine, I will not ask you for a simple favor ever again.

As for how I took you for a fool? Enlighten me, because seriously- you've lost me. I consider or.. did consider you to be a well spoken intelligent person, now I am not so sure.

I took you as a friend, dst. Pardon my mistake.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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The deal with Raven and Akasha and others, etc is being dealt with, except this time it is being done the way it should have been in the first place. In private.
So... Uh... Trust me when I say that the next time something so severly idiotic as this happens, there will be severe consequences, at the very least from me.

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