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I bought Berserkers' Charge access in the Wish Shop. I assumed it would open up a new tunnel somewhere directly to that location. However, I am unable to find such a tunnel.

I was told that the entrance to Berserkers' Charge is inside Necrovion. However, I cannot get past the gates. This seems to mean that I activated access from a point I do not have access to.

Shouldn't this at least be stated on the wish shop item?...

Secondly, the mirror ritual and guardian army spells that I also bought in the wish shop are not working.

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mirror and guardian (i think)both get cast on other people, how are you casting the spells?

i believe it tells you that the path to beserkers charge is open, so it doesnt lie at all, as a note, this is the black tunnel visible in the Demented Path location in Necrovion

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