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Newbie,bear With Me!

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Just saying Hello,only played an hour or so so far,but I am pretty intrigued.

Scanned through the forum here,still a little confused,but I,ll get it!:D

So please bear with me IG and here!

Interested in this new land,thinking of RP,ing my char as a Sort-of Archeologist of the arcane type..any thoughts?

Not too warlike ,not too mage-gifted,maybe?...along the lines of Peter Cushing in those old Jules Verne films.

Anyway ,,ill be back on tomorrow,hope too meet some of you :D

ps,my ig chars called Jade Griffon

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[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][i]Greetings Jade. Just an information, you have arrived in the realm in one of its darkest hours. War is raging and the unpleasant festival is coming. But anyways good luck, and I hope you live up to your name. :D[/i][/size][/font]

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