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Logbook Of Raw Material Items.


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The crafters is making a record of raw material items that can be used for making items. As more items's existence are confirmed, we may add it to this list here for reference, or we might keep the information only to those who try to gain it..

[color="#2E8B57"]Cedar plank[/color]

A plank of a weather-resistant, moisture-absorbing Cedar wood. Has a nice scent and resonates sounds nicely.

[color="#2E8B57"]Baton Rouge plank[/color]

A plank of red-colored wood. Decay-resistant and has a nice scent.

[color="#2E8B57"]White Pine plank[/color]

A plank of White Pine tree. Exceptionally durable and is somehwat fire-resistant. With correct processing methods, can also produce natural medicine ingredients.

Redwood plank[/color]

A plank of Redwood timber. A lightweight wood resistant to fire. Exceptionally resistant to decay, a redwood tree can survive thousands of years in its natural habitat.

[color="#2E8B57"]Red Spruce plank[/color]

A plank of Red Spruce timber. Not very durable, but is very suitable for acoustic equipments.

[color="#2E8B57"]White Ash plank
A plank of White Ash wood. Strong and durable, good for making items that require strength and resilience, such as a bow. However, it is also usually used as firewood, meaning its easily burned.

[color="#2E8B57"]Basswood plank[/color]

A plank of Basswood. A soft wood with little wood grain, suitable for high-quality wooden carving. It also has a good sound resonance capability.

[color="#2E8B57"]Jomon plank[/color]

A plank of reddish-pink wood. Strong yet lightweight, this wood is waterproof and resistant to decay.

[color="#2E8B57"]Chestnut plank[/color]

A plank of Chestnut wood. A durable wood suitable for outdoor uses. Tends to corrode metal, although brass, copper, and stainless steel alloys are not affected.

[color="#2E8B57"]Ebony plank[/color]

A plank of black-colored wood. A strong wood suitable for weapon handles and musical insturuments such as a piano. Requires polishing to prevent decay.

[color="#2E8B57"]White Oak plank[/color]

A plank of White Oak wood. A high quality waterproof wood suitable for making wine and whiskey barrels. Its high density, strength, and resiliency also makes it good as a material for weapons.

Sandalwood plank[/color]

A plank of Sandalwood. A fragrant wood commonly used as material for incense and perfumes. Perfumes made from Sandalwood is said to have aromatherapic qualities.

[color="#2E8B57"]Willow log[/color]

A log of Willow tree wood. A high quality wood suitable for making furnitures and other wooden objects. Also contains medical qualities.

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Those are items that I saw when I peeked on Sir Mur's vault. They have not been distributed yet, but they soon will be. For now, this is a sneak peek on what is to come.
These items are raw materials that, together with a mark of creation, is required to make a custom-made item.

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