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Name That Pub!


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The pub in The Tribunal Lands of The East has become quite the hot spot. So I propose a contest if it meets Phantasm's approval. This is a contest to "Name That Pub".

Lamest: Nameless Pub.
Funniest: The Randy Unicorn
Scariest: The Masculine Sister! :P

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Well for arguments sakes, until it's inscribed above the bar in the interior of the bar, let us see if we can come up with interesting names. Windy wants a contest, so lets have catagories.

Lamest Name
Funniest Name
Scariest Name

You get the idea.

Sagewoman spoke with IAB before and proposed the name, "The Last Resort". After being in both the Windy's Wind and Rain Pub and Sagewomans Root of the Matter Inn, that pub is the players last resort for booze and relaxation.

Here is my submission, "The East Boar Head". East to honor its location, Boar an offshoot of IAB and Head, pun off the Head Contest.

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Idle Hands

Destruction of Boredom

Pub of Boredom

Those are just a few names that popped into my head... If I had to pick on of those if would be "Idle Hands" Idle hands are the devils tools... Idle hands also could mean that you are not doing something because you are bored. (That is stretching the meaning but oh well)

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[quote name='Rockistah' date='28 September 2009 - 08:04 AM' timestamp='1254143069' post='43073']
Lamest Name - Spare Time Pub
Funniest Name - House of Hard Cocks
Scariest Name - Heaven's Purgatory
Rocky! Did you not mean Hard Rocks? LOL :P

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[quote name='Yoshi' date='28 September 2009 - 09:19 AM' timestamp='1254147554' post='43083']
Lamest Name - The Pub of Pubs
Funniest Name - Alcoholics 'R' us
Scariest Name - The Pub of No Return

I like the last one, Yoshi! :)

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