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Rantings About Current Events/Ideas/etc In Md


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All started with Peace' s statement:

[quote]Now, as for the 'stealing issue' I would prefer to have this out of this conversation, as it has been passed to the RPCs to decide what to do on this matter. And no offense to the non-RPC players, yes, your opinion matters but I do not enjoy the fact of being accused when people do not know the actual facts! Moving on then.[/quote]

I replied by posting a mean comment. Why? Cause I just realized something: she is right. If you are not a RPC your opinion does not count. We count just as a biig mass. And it's not fair. MD community is a small one so I think that individual opinions should count. I think that we should ban the currently used system of voting. We should not hide and we should vote openly. If you want to vote then give a reason for your option! Don't be a coward! Have the guts to take responsibility!

Also, as I already said: I hate all those secrets and secret information. And all this so called "research" which for me means players inventing stuff and passing it as absolute knowledge.

And I continue with underlining my statement: RPC is the worst thing that can happen to a player. I don't think I need to give names. Half of the players that became RPCs (that are still RPCs or were) changed. And not in the good way. Power corrupts but the ones who have it keep arguing they don't have it so they are not...tainted (to use a fashionable world in MD).

In game characters cannot be completely separated from the person behind the monitor. You can rant all you want but I will not change my mind. And yes, I am a mean person in RL also.

Friendships are friendships. Doesn't matter how they are created. So trying to keep feeling out of the game is again impossible! Also, if you try to fake them eventually you will show them. It's imminent. So stop with the bs about how role playing should not/is not affected by feeling/friendships/personality.

I will once abuse my powers as mod and close this topic. All I wanted was to state my opinion. I think I won at least this right.

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I have to admit: i am with dst on this one.

Yes, i am a RPC, yes i will be trashed (again) in the rpc sections for discussing with non rpc players things that involve a rpc name , but again , i do not care.

Wodin problem is a[i][b] public [/b][/i]one.
Peace got access to th GG ally with the deal of stealing [size="1"](yes! i consider stealing/robbering/raping and i still like Peace do not misunderstand)[/size] some of his creatures.

[i]- the ally is a public ally, with non-rpcs in it .
- the war did not involved only rpc's in it.
- WOdin is a player, between rpc and npc.
- events involved all the persons in the realm, not only rpc's
- rp was based on war, therefor it is a public issue.
[/i][i]- rpcs afiliated to a land or another are not equally in number so the vote count will favorise a land or another.[/i]

I see no reason on why this issue should not be discussed public and all the opinions to count.

This public debate does not depend only on me in the end i am just 1 rpc that agrees with this.

If it will be a public debate the votes won't be based on a poll but based on your replys with + or - and the reason, no hiding unde the anonymous.



[/b]There are a lot of things i did not liked to post in the rpc sections because i simply got no reason to do that.
recent event:

Raven and HC.

You all know how and what he did and that i tried to stop him to huntdown you guys.
After the problem with rpc's and lho's was solved, i got on the rpc section a lot of trashing because i did that.Because i spoke with him public, because i reacted like a HC mod in public. Even more: the problem was public from months and all of the players knew what was happening so i saw no reason to hide the 'garbage under the carpet' (ro saying) and pretend everything is alright. not to say that in the rpc section even Amoran got to put her post when she is no rpc. So you can imagine how fair things go in there, debates/votes everything.

It is not and i am very against hidding in there what concerns and involves all the players.
Of course, there are subjects that matters only for rpc;s and problems that are between us to solve/resolve to that i do not opon.

yeah, i abused my powers to post in a closed topic :P[/size]

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