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Notification For Receiving An Item


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I noticed that the game doesn't notify you when you receive an item, or who it was from.

I think it would be useful to have a log of sorts, which displayed items your character has given or received, perhaps something akin to the public log, which could even act as a history of the player.
However, this would require substantial coding and would ask for an entire new section devoted for it.

I suggest using a system already in place, the mailing system (I think this is already used for alliance invitations)
Have a message sent to the receiver saying "You received <item name> from <player name>"
It can be sent from something like "System" or "Inventory", even the giver's name with some word appended (it cannot be a player name since the player could then send a fake mail)
Or simply, the player could receive a mail from their own account.

I don't know the implementation of the item feature, but I suspect that it would require merely 1 line of code right after the the call to give the item (maybe a few more for performing the check to see if the transfer was successful)

It might be obvious who the sender was for unique items, in the case of coins I think there should certainly be some information on who sent it.
For example: If you were to run an event where players have an entrance fee of 1 coin, you go camping for the weekend and find 10 people applied but you only received 9 coins.

It could also be applied when sending wish points or spell documents, although those come with the sender information already attached.

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I don't like this suggestion, having once given an anonymous item gift to someone and wishing it would stay that way.

I see the usefulness in keeping track of coins, but being able to surprise someone or to be surprised by Mur would be a lot to give up.

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I can see the benefit of it but I can also see the downsides especially since silver is transfered individually if one was trading a large amount of silver for an item or a creature, whome would want 20 pms each saying one silver has been transfered to you by "insert name here"

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Czez, I see the usefulness in anonymity when gifting an item and I feel the mail system can accommodate the notification as it is.
If the mail were to be sent from your account but with a different name or perhaps a category added, you could see it in the outgoing messages and surpress it, thus preventing the receiver from seeing who sent it.

The idea for transfering many items at a time has already been brought up, it did not occur to me that I needed to include it in my suggestion.

Certainly, with mass transfer of coins getting flooded by mails would be a problem, so I would hope the mass item transfer would be in place for such a thing.

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