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[Necrovion] Fiju-Tales From The Prison


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Tales from the prison

Day 06
Greetings to all of MD family..i'm witting you you all.. well not all of you ..anyway.. its 6 days since i'm locked in the prison and i feel wonderful!!! Actually i have never been better except when i was born Also i really hope to stay here for a very long time and every day i wake up in my cell i pray to the shades that .Grido. will stay on his position for eternity..Also i must say that i'm very proud now that i realized that i FINALLY have a TAG!!!!! actually i have TWO. 600 days of activity and finally its all mine!!! Its a small one amd it says (Jail)(Jail) but im happy with it :( Anyway i do have some complaints regardless a prison.. First there is no food .. not that i need it at the moment since my reserves are still good but the one needs to think about a future and Second there are so little space.. only 6 rooms to explore no mess hall for me or bathroom, not that i need it coz i'm still a potato beholder but it would still be a different place. At the moment i wonder if our humble developers will alow me to modify my cell at least???.. i would defenetly like to draw something on the walls like "days counter" and floor for my meditations and such now that i have time so since i cant communicate with anyone and there are no guards at all i would be grateful if someone still loyal to true MD can pass this message to the correct people.

ok.. that would be all for today meditation time will start in a few moments

Day 6 23:42
I just want to say that few hours ago i had a first visitor and maybe next time ill get some food

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We don't want to hear it, continue doing this and i'll enforce moderator preview on your posts / block you from posting.

If a mod / admin disagrees with me doing this, i welcome them to talk to me about this, and why they think i'm wrong in saying to do this.

Topic Closed

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He has every right to write on forums, he has done nothing wrong.
I personally think that he is developing his character and it is nice to see some tales from prison.

There is no reason for his posts to be previewed or blocked; also no reason to delete them.
Jail was made especially for people that made something wrong but also can and have the right to continue their playing.
There is a difference between I do not want to hear and WE do not want to hear. I personally think you are over reacting atm.

I also noted in his log that his swearing when i found him were with a good reason.

Topic opened.

Ps: it is invisible until you come in and read it. after that visible.

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Why the hell isn't this closed? this is some offense material, and this topic should at least be closed... who the hell needs to read this dribble anyhow?

ass-lickers? C'mon MODS ~DO YOUR JOB~

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  • 2 weeks later...

Day 19
I woke up hearing strange voices.. someone was screaming: "Shut up, you inmates!!!"
I got up as quickly as I could and hurled to the doorcell. First a stange shadow
appeared in the hall with tentaculus on the head and it seemed like to be going
to my cell. I jumped and grabed the plafon and prepare to attack with all
swiftness and strength I had in me. Suddenly my head hits the floor hitting
notthing but air. I must have been a fool actually thinking that someone
would appear here in a physical form.
And there he was... an apparition of a Damn Clown looking at me with shining red eyes.
He said: "Name?"
I said nothing.
"Ok, you wanna play rough? Fine by me. From now on your name shall be No. 1980. I've heard that you posses some medical experties and since
everyone here needs medical treatment from time to time, the task of taking care of medical conditions of all inmates in here will suit you just fine."

and he wannished....
Now i need to find a damn ambulance.. and defenetly start maping a jail

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  • 2 months later...

As long as they're in prison and not banned, they can report events they've RPed there. After all, prison is just another part of MD. Just because you feel they get too much attention this way (perhaps your lacking yourself?) doesn't mean they should be cut from the community altogether.

And seeing as this topic has been "revived", should you read this Fiju, I'm looking forward to your next post :)


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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Mcvitie' date='19 December 2009 - 12:09 PM' timestamp='1261224562' post='50609']
Urgh. Why do we need to hear drivel from people in prison? :) They are there for a BAD reason, not so they can feel special. Grido, speak to chewett as he is head mod and ask this to be closed.(along with thomas riddles)

The "head mod" also knows what mur has said. Even someone in prision can post their RP and such.

So Mcvite be a little less rude to people when you dont like things on the forum. Espically when you tell people do do things when you have no idea yourself.

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