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Forward To Email Option In Pm


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I was thinking on this for a while.
But not sure if it can be done.

But basicaly i would like to be able to forward PMs to my email account
outside of MD. (yes i know jst copy and past and send but i am lazy :) )

Would it be worthwile doing this or am i just talking BS.

The main reasion for this is i seem to be loosing PM every few days
even ones i put into the sorting cloud. The same has happened to my notebook
so i would like to backup my PMs somewere else. But would like to be able to
do it quicker that copy and paste.

So verdict
good ida bad idea?


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i should think it would be easy enough to do

MD already has various e-mail accounts, you'd just have to set it up to send to a designated e-mail address (from the MD one), which would probably be the one associated with your account, wouldnt imagine it would be difficult. Of course at the same time, it'd probably be a good idea to give the option of changing the associated e-mail.

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PHP has a mail to function which can do this. It can easily take whatever is in the message (or multiple messages) and email it to you.

I have never seen PM's getting lost. Instead, both the default window and the cloud display only the last 80 messages. I'm guessing the SELECT has a limit of 80, this could be solved by paginating.

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