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Bob Lovers


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Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking about creating a guild that is ingeniously designed for the Tree haters out there. If the guardians are binded and has the wisdom, so do we, the Tree haters, should also have a pact and guild for if one of us got hurt by one of the guardians, we will attack them with brute force.

As far as I know, there are really strong Tree haters out there and their numbers are greater than the guardians I think. The reasons for hating the Tree are different, some just hate it, some had a plan, and someone is willing to cut down the tree for the good of the Tree haters. The Tree and its guardians is just really fun!

I will create this guild if it reaches 5 members (NOTE: This is not an alliance, just a guild/group/whatever), and I will create a Logo. About the groups's name "Bob Lovers", you can suggest for a better one. Leadership comes whoever hates Bob to the maximum level of hatred, but you should have proofs. We will have a president, council for the Bob haters, warriors, and some councilors, or maybe infiltrators. We will have a weekly activity about screwing the Tree and its guardians, and I have to tell you, it will definitely hurt! And every month we will have a special activity that you will never forget for the rest of your MD life. Muahahahahaha!!! (I'm serious)

If someone is interested to join, feel free to post here with the following format:

Mind Power Level:
You hate Bob because:[/b]

And suggestions are greatly accepted. Thank you!

The Revolution is now!!!

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Well this is the fresh new guild and I'm hoping that it would grow to a massive scale of such power and awesomeness that upon offending some of the members of this guild, will shake the very roots of Bob and its guardians! Muahaha!

But really, I'd love to see sometime in the future about this guild and the activities.

There are just 2 things about the requirements for joining:

[b]-Knows how to Role Play
-Hates Tree[/b]

These are the most essential requirements for joining this guild. So, suggestions and registrations are open. :P

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Okay Z close this topic, it seems no one is interested.

I'm not gonna hate Bob no more, it just seems kinda fun to do that with a bunch of Bob haters around, but I failed so... We're done here. ;):D:D

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