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Today I noticed something odd..not like it really matters, and I doubt it will get fixed it it's really the same for everyone,

but I noticed that my darksky suddenly gave a LOT less attack and defense according to my darkness principle, only about 16%.

So, I am curious..does the same apply for anyone else?

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[quote][2009-08-10 22:34:07 - Alpha 9]
Token effects change


- DarkSky token power limited to max 1000 (darkness principle) plus 10% of the remaining. Example , if you have 2500 darkness principle the token will give you 1000 plus 150 = 1150 attack and defence. - KellethaFire token power limited to max 500 (light principle) plus 25% of the remaining. [/quote]

To me, your charges look perfectly fine and fitting together, but i might be wrong on which other tokens you fuel with darkness, and since your profile is hidden, i can't tell for sure what your darkness is :/
Let's put it that way: if your darkness is around 15.400, your token works perfectly ^^

Maybe the description on DarkSky is still a bit misleading XD

oh, and delete the number if you think i'm spoiling your darkness :D

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