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The Return Of Story Night


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Beginning on Day 300, the Legend Speakers will revive the Story Night tradition at Fortune's Well.

Stories will be told at 00:00 and 04:00. I (Keith) will try to be present for the first telling period, but the second is really much more convenient to my schedule.

If you have a story to tell, a poem to read, or a philosophical point to ponder, come and join us.

I can offer no incentive but the chance to mingle with other characters and hear the tales they wish to tell. I have stories from dst, eigger, and Blackwood Forest; hopefully one or more of them will come to share with us.

[u]General Storytime Guidelines[/u]
[list][*] The stories should be fictitious, or if based on facts, loosely so. The Legend Speakers are a division of the Archives, but we are not Archivists in the strict sense.
[*] The stories should, ideally, be true: not factually true, but morally or existentially true. Think of the myth of Midas, whose touch turned everything to gold - whether or not there was a real Midas is irrelevant to the point of the story, which is that gold of itself cannot bring happiness.
[*] The stories should be aimed at a general audience. A little bit of foul language as dialogue is ok; pornography, graphic violence, and mindless pages of obscenity are not acceptable.
[*] The stories should be written in a form that can be pasted comfortably in chat without running too far over the screen; that is to say, shorter stories will tend to keep the audience's attention better.
See you around.

~Keith Moon

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Story night continues. I will hold another one at 22:00 on server day 311 and 4:00 on day 312. All are welcome to come hear and/or tell stories at Fortune's Well. There's not usually a prize, though I've seen a WP awarded for an outstanding story before (I don't have any to give myself).


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The last post on this topic was in 2009 and it is now late 2010. As I am still [i]somewhat[/i] new to this and I just wanted to know if it was still alive. As I am an active writer this is something that iterests me, but if it is no more then it is no more... just a simple answer will be fine, thank you.

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