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Easy Quest For Young Players.


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I have started a easy quest for new players, all they have to do is go get papers and i will reward them with a creature from looroot. I have had two people complain about what i am doing so i am putting this here for the collective mind to examine. The rules are as follows

You have to be a new player (i pick who is new and freezeblink is not :))

You have to get your papers and they have to have some substance to them.

You must pick between a Warrior, a Healer or a Guardian. (if you understand what each one refers to then dont spoil it for the noobs)

You only get one creature. (no take backs)

I do not feel i am spoiling anything, these are not all powerful or rare creatures and the players must pick one.

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My issue is not with the reward, but rather the quest. New players should be encouraged to get their papers, but please also request that they fill them. Lately, I've seen far too many players with blank papers or papers with a promise to write within the papers at a later time. It is a waste of all our time to seek to read new papers only to find out they don't truly exist.

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