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Introducing A New Creature


New Creature  

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Hello to all!!

I was thinking about introducing a new creature in the game. Since i am a perfectionist by nature, if i decide to attempt such an endeavor i am going to invest a serious amount of time and effort into thinking about the details and completing the artwork required. Therefore i would like at least to have the illusion that my attempt will have some chances to be integrated in the game at a later stage (though i know that the chances are slim) :P

By going through the relevant forum sections, i found some really good ideas that were abandoned, either because they were incomplete or (and that's the interesting part) they didn't won wider support throughout the Community. So wider support from the MD community is essential in order for any creature idea to have a chance of succeeding.

So that's the reason for this topic. To figure out the trend and the thoughts of the MD Community..So once again your feedback is needed!!![img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img]

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I voted;
Maybe, if the new creature fulfills some requirements
A common creature (anyone can recruit it given that the requirements are met) - new abilities,auras

i would much prefer someone to put effort into the creature, than to just mix and match what's around already.

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I voted same as Grido...

Creating a common creature with new abilities would be much more intersting than to be a mix of existing creautures...

After voting a question came to my mind?? Where would we find it?? :D

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I would agree with ShadowSeeker's suggestion. It would be both helpful and interesting rather than simply casting a vote, to explain what each has voted and maybe why.. But that depends on you guys i guess.

Personally i haven't voted but my selection would have been : Maybe and common creature, new abilities,auras.  

Repeating same abilities seems dull and pointless to me.  And i would prefer a creature that anyone can access but with some strategic value.  A creature not powerful and unbeatable, but one that could change the course of a battle if used correctly in a ritual

I agree with Orlando as well. It is sad that the community doesn't care much about individual efforts. As i said before i ve seen some really nice ideas go to waste. They weren't complete and flawless thats true but with help and support from the experienced members sthg good might have come up in the end.

After the  closure of  the Gates and the discussion that this closure initiated, everyone really should ponder on the reason's of the reduced interest. Enhancing the game with ideas and suggestions should not only be a privilege  of "veteran" players. Every  idea should be evaluated and if good or potentially  good supported. 

@ Herly. The whereabout's of the creature depend really on the creature itself. A "darker" creature for example might fit better in Necrovion. Personally i would prefer an area that doesn't have a common creature such as GG or the Tribunal maybe. HAving a creature in GG for example might stimulate or give an extra interest in completing the Labyrinth. But that's just an idea and really the recruiting place is the last thing on my mind.

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i voted for the [i]"Maybe, if the new creature fulfills some requirements"[/i] and [i]"A common creature (anyone can recruit it given that the requirements are met) - new abilities,auras"[/i]

since not all players (including myself) can get a hold on any of those uber-rare crits, why not have a creature that is "not that hard" to get, but, yes, has drawbacks obviously, like pain-in-the-b*++ requirements to make it advance to its next level(s).

at my current mp level, i am still sticking with the old-school crits because i have not yet done any quest that will unlock me to other bestiary farm. yes, really my fault, i'm not that good at solving quests, that's why. i know my reasons are unacceptable, but since most players are hmm, stronger than i, maybe that "new creature" can give me (or, some of us) the FIRESTARTER that every newbies are looking for.. well, just my opinion hehe

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I would like to see a common creature with new abilities and auras to be found somewhere in Golem Golemcarium. The Draclair is not open to the public and the only ones who have those creatures got them through SmartAlec or other means like trading or wish points. GG was once inaccessible but can be entered through the Labyrinth.

The only land you can get common creatures from is No Mans Land (Armory and Winds Crossing)without much effort. Necrovion and inner Necrovion requires storymode or a special mode of Transportation to get the Unholy Priests and the Tortured Souls and Loreroot requires the defeat of the Loreroot Guards. That's not counting MDShop, getting a Gift, or trading from other players.

The MDA Lands have no creatures nor does the Tribunal Lands (so far)and it would be interesting to see if Mur has some plans up his Magical sleeves. With the closing of Magic Duels gates to new players, I don't foresee any new creatures arriving soon. I do wish you the best of luck on the creation of your creature and its conception.

Note: Any errors in locations and omitting of creatures are strictly my own and I acknowledge them A Head of Time.X D

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New creatures make the game more interesting :D

So North, I'll be waiting to see your creature proposal (since I know your abilities in drawing and imagination. I'm even offering to help)

As for my opinion I would like to see more creatures that would help the new players and keep them longer in the game, meaning

- creatures easily recruited with abilities of a more chaotic effect or a strategic use
(that would make more interesting battles and results)

- creatures easily accessed but hard to acquire, with strong abilities but hard to train (like the Angiens)
(that would keep players longer in the game and give them a fighting chance against old nearly invincible players)

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New creatures can be introduced, either with the old abilities or new but new would be more fun.

Make a backstory with each creature that fits with where you might recruit it. ie. GG gets a type of golem like the empty aramour, after damage is done to it, it immediately gets the next attack and only attacks the creature slot that damaged it (this means it could potentially get 6 attacks per round), or if it was from the Underground then it might be a type of wyrm that does an earthquake attack - minor damage to multiple/all but destroys the opposing forces initiative for the next round because they are off balance.

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Oh, an artist with interest in new creature creations! =) I'll certainly need to contact you for some creature projects. Well, once my computer gets a bit better that is xD

forgot to add this. IMO, the easiest way to get a creature accepted is to use existing abilities mechanics as a basis for the creature's abilities. What I mean is that new abilities/auras are great, but there are often ways to adapt that ability using the mechanics of existing abilities, so it would not require much extra coding.
For example, if one wants a defensive creature, instead of making new attack abilities, it might be easier to add an aura that gives bonus defense to all your creatures. The mechanic is not different than existing power/regen/attack auras, yet it is technically a "new" ability.
Of course, totally new abilities are fun as hell, but taking into account the amount of work Mur need to do, it might have a much better prospect of implementation if they don't require too much new coding works.

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@ Sharpwind..Your help is always needed my friend. I am looking forward to that.

@ Udgard..as soon as you get over your "technical difficulties" i would be more than happy to discuss ,exchange ideas, and help you with any creature project you might have   :P..BtW i do agree with you..Sthg "new" that will follow the pattern or the logic of an existing ability (altered of course) and will not require too much effort on behalf of Mur  (codewise) is more likely to succeed

@ everyone..thank you for your opinions, vote, support so far. Everything noted and you have been all very helpful.. Any additional votes or ideas are highly encouraged and needed   ;)

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