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New Kind Of Evolution In Md?


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[center][/center][b][/b][font="Arial Black"][/font]I am thinking about a new type of evolution in MD....

Like tree of evolutions each initial creature can evolve in many others ,depend of principle; Like who have more dark power will have your cretures evolve in "shadow creatures" like demon knator,fallen angel,archer of sub world ;holy principles will make your cretures "sant" like a angels archers,saint beast, trees of heaven,mage of heaven; and some kind of ....... it will make MD more diversificated...and you will give more and more value to cretures ...dificult cretures to have....i am not saying to make creatures only holy and dark but ...another principles too for example time will alloy you to have monsters like beast of space,angel of another dimension,mage ilusionist of the past ..etc ...
To change the evolution of mine creatures ,drain principles could be really good abilit ^^

I think on have so many diferent cretures and make each player more especial than they already are....

I desire every one liked the idea...

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How many differnt "types" of creatures do you propose? Mulitiply that by the current amount of cretures in the game and you get a massive amount of art, concepting and balancing that needs to be done

Some of the crits dont even work! i dont want more crits when the current ones dont work!

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yes....but it will work some day ...and we need to plan the best we can to make everything better in this game ....since we are playing it ......probably we like this game so let´s make it batter than ever was done ....

I thing my idea is big goal to be reached but .....if every one want it it could be done ....what you say?

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Plus it's better for players.

GG open tomorrow vs GG open for people chosen my Mur, then open through MP5 story mode, then open to all MP5, then open to everyone

With the second one, people have something to look forward to, work towards, etc.

With the first, it's just one day of "Horray, GG's open!" and then it becomes routine and normal.

PS: Just an example

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