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Experimental Quest


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Lately i fiddled a lot with dark arts and myths, and found an enchanted treasure chest...

I deposited it at the Middle Step on the GoE, to see you fools being drawn in by its endless powers and suffer from it...

The rules shall be disclosed to those who are willing to participate, the chest and my military page, which is on my [url="http://www.magicduel.com/players/*burns*"]profile[/url], too, will point the way.

I hope you will have as much fun playing as i had coding!
Big Thanks go to Rendril, Cutler and Chewett, without whom that would not be possible.[/color][/size]

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game over, WPs to best Werewolf and Vampire have been awarded.

experiment failed unfortunately, participation and activity were... poor, to put it in nice words...
I intended to give Kyphis a shiny Pimped Grasan for best activity, but since he sent me a message that all he was interested in were WPs, coins, drachs and shades, bad luck there...
He played it for a bit, that's a lot more than most people did -.-

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New Experiment: The 'Other' Race

This race is not about real time, finding stuff, or talking to people, which
all seem unfair in my opinion...
Instead, this is a race of finding the easiest (not shortest) way through the
obstacles on the way i set up
There are 3 WP up for grab, the three persons with the lowest number of
overall points get one each.

You gather points on the way, the script will tell me about those,
and can lose points in all of the three (combat-related) tasks.
To start, enter the password 'Apricot' in the left step of GoE.

Quest ends when 3 people found the perfect way (highly unlikely), or when i
think that all people who bothered already tried (about day 55-60).

Good Luck in reading my mind ;))

This is an experiment in the style of those old 'create your own adventure'-adventures.
41 paragraphs exist, which you can't see in one go, though
Once the rewards are gone, i'll undo some keys so you can read it freely, until then, just one account per player, please, you won't want me to find out that you used more... seriously XD
I hope you enjoy my story :D

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As promised, the last paragraph:

Suddenly inspiration strikes, and you summon a set of 6 very special creatures. But there is no fierce battle to be watched, no, your creatures don't even move, and yet, they win against the stupid angiens.
As the last of them falls, beaten by its own weapons, you start raiding their pockets, and soon find a big iron key, which seems to be going quite well with the cage of Princess Apricot.
And after all, you're already there, and four hands carry more gold than two, so you decide to get her out of that cage and pack her with golds, gems and all the other nice things you find.
You bring her back to the plumber-empire all safe, but a little bruised from carrying all that gold of yours, and of course the toads are more than happy to get her back and offer you to get the new king. In a big ceremony, you receive the great mustache of power, the bright red cap of wisdom, and all the gold you'll ever want, after which a big party starts, where the wine flows freely, the girls go easy, and the boys flash incredible 6-packs.
And they lived happily ever after... well, not forever, since at the following morning, the villagers from the drachorn-mountain overrun the hangovered armies and rot out the whole empire together with its history for slaying their gods.

Short explanation, the three number at the start of the lines are the scores from the three story-parts, negative points are the bad ones which get added, the postive points are the reductions (yap, that's my logic XD)
Congrats to the winners, it was a very narrow game^^

dst 8+5+4, drachorns 1, demons 3, angiens -1 = 14
Clock Master 7+8+4, drachorns 1, demons 3, angiens 1 = 14
MRV 8+5+10, drachorns 2, demons 3, angiens 2 = 16
sasha lilias 5+5+7, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens 0 = 17
no one 8+8+4, drachorns 1, demons 2, angiens -1 = 18
ZeratulEx 7+5+7, drachorns 0, demons 1, angiens 0 = 18
Shadowseeker 14+6+7, drachorns 3, demons 3, angiens 1 = 20
Indyra 7+5+7, drachorns 0, demons 1, angiens -2 = 20
Czez 11+5+4, drachorns 0, demons 2, angiens -2 = 20
Freezeblink 9+5+4, drachorns 0, demons -2, angiens -1 = 21
ladytwin 9+5+4, drachorns 0, demons -2, angiens -2 = 22
Jester 7+8+11, drachorns 1, demons 3, angiens 0 = 22
unknown entity 13+5+4, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens 0 = 22
Ledah 8+5+7, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens -2 = 22
Leixer 8+10+4, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens -1 = 23
Princ Rhaegar 10+5+7, drachorns 0, demons 1, angiens -2 = 23
getschi 11+5+9, drachorns 1, demons 2, angiens -1 = 23
Phantom Orchid 14+5+4, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens 0 = 23
Shantu 14+6+7, drachorns 1, demons 2, angiens 0 = 24
Assurancetourix 11+5+6, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens -2 = 24
Mithrandil 8+5+7, drachorns -2, demons 0, angiens -2 = 24
apophys 11+5+9, drachorns 0, demons 2, angiens -2 = 25
blackwoodforest 11+7+7, drachorns 1, demons 0, angiens -2 = 26
mighty pirate 12+7+10, drachorns 1, demons 1, angiens 0 = 27
Nimrodel 12+5+9, drachorns 0, demons -1, angiens 0 = 27
MattyJames 11+5+7, drachorns 0, demons -2, angiens -2 = 27
Pipstickz 11+5+10, drachorns 2, demons -1, angiens -2 = 27
Manda 12+5+4, drachorns -2, demons -2, angiens -2 = 27
Totenkopf 12+5+9, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens -2 = 28
Cutler 13+5+10, drachorns 0, demons 0, angiens 0 = 28
imagine breaker 8+7+9, drachorns -2, demons -2, angiens -2 = 30
Skie Anderson 8+8+10, drachorns -2, demons -2, angiens 0 = 30
Eagle Eye 10+10+7, drachorns -2 demons 0, angiens -2 = 31
Dmik King 12+10+11, drachorns 0, demons 0 angiens 0 = 33
Grido 8+7+9, drachorns 0, demons 0,
Famfrit Flamel 11+5+, drachorns -2,
Miq 7+7+, drachorns 0
Deaths Verdict 12+5, drachorns 0
kiss my anthia 8+5+12, drachorns 0, demons 0
charliedave 8+5+, drachorns 0, demons 0

And from this moment onwards, the 'I wanna play again!!'-buttons are enabled and all requirements undone, you may freely browse through the storyline now^^
Thanks to Tara for awarding WP for me, i'd hate to not get prices to their rightful owners just because i can't xD

PS: _I_ loved that quest =)))

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  • 1 month later...

More experiments, this time not for fun, but for information.

I'm not sure who'll be getting more out of it, but i think in the end there'll be something in it for everybody who cares :)

And, since people don't do things lest there is a reward in it for them, rewards will be given out, probably even WishPoints.

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It looks as though i once again overestimated the people of MD... no incentive, no action, huh?
At least 3 people invested some thought on my quest already -.-

Gonna change the reward-pattern severly, from 3 winners and one best entry to one winner and 3 best entry-prices, in hope that someone feels like participating that way...
However, i won't give out all prices if participation stays that low, not going to reward any crap i get just because i get it

PS: Yeah, i read the pinned mod-post, but plan to stick with this topic until this quest is over, then i might decide to have it closed for good xD

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