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New Wish Shop Item: Balance Profile


Wish Point Item: Reset unbalance profile  

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Call me selfish if you must, but I desire to fix my very unbalanced profile as well as hopefully solve a certain problem that presents itself to many new MP5 players. Aimed at veteran players or old MP5 players who have very unbalanced profiles, I would like to suggest a new wish shop item that enables players to reset their win/loss ratio to perpetual balance or a similar state. This may also encourage players to take more action training and have something to do other than hiding or being discourage to train. This item may help alleviate the honor point problem new MP5 players are having. Mur was very generous to do a major win/loss ratio reset in the past when 100,000 accounts have been registered to MD. But another reset without a high cost such as a hard-earned wish point would be unreasonable. With all due respect, I do not wish to burden Mur with more works. I simpy want to suggest this idea and hope that when the time is right, something may be done to alleviate the negative stats I keep gaining everyday even though I have been training hard to raise them. No doubt some have met similar fate as I have. I included a poll as well. Please, do share your opinion whichever way you feel is deemed appropriate.

[b]Possible pro-reasons:[/b]
1) Gives a way out for players who were already unbalance before the negative stats was implement. Not saying this is something to be fair about since they did choose to offset their balance in the first place while no one was forcing them too. Some simply wanted to gain extra experience from the extra honor without realizing such a future consequence as this.
2) Encourages players to train and have something to look forward to such as raising their stats instead of decreasing it or aimlessly farming weaker players. This may create a sort of chain reaction forcing players to hide from attack or incite tension between players. The thing is why train when I keep getting negative stats.
3) Gives another reason for spending wish point instead of keeping them. Create variety of options.
4) Alleviates the honor problem new MP5 players are having.
5) Encourages new non-alliance MP5 players to train with the veteran MP5 players who are balanced.
6) Any reason you can think of. et cetera.

[b]Possible anti-reasons:[/b]
1) Players get themselves into this mess in the first place. Should suck it up and get themselves out of it without a shortcut.
2) Players can train even if they gain negative stats. There is a place called GGG for training to gain win and/or experience depending on how unbalanced you are.
3) This wish point item is irrelevant any time soon or prospectively near futured.
4) Any reason you can think of. et cetera.

Just an idea I am throwing out there. Hopefully I have not offended anyone in anyway. If I have somehow unintentionally offended anyone in anyway, I hereby solemly apologize. I am sorry. And thank you for reading this through.

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lol i was talking about this a couple weeks ago somewheres ingame. I think it should be a wp item as it's similar to "reset exp". and we already know it can be done(well the vets do lol) because we've already experienced everyone being reset periodically.

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lets put it like this : NO

and ... what are we talking about ? win / loses or honor ?

Anyway, any of those 2 can be fixed using the current situation in MD.

For honor : there are balanced players (most of them in alliances) that can be farmed for honor (see GGG).
For win / lose ratio ... ask your friends in game to help eachother to get more wins.

Yea, sure, you will say that if one gets a win the other one loses. NO, one can get wins without the other getting the lose.

So, Aql, don't be lazy. I know that an easy way out can be use but for the sake of the comunity : teach the other how to fight.

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Thats true No One. I am getting more lazier now cause I been trying for months and getting exasperated the more I try. But I been trying for months. With the college works I am dealing now, I rarely get that much time to play MD anymore. Even when I do have time to play, much of my friends are offline or doing something else. 500 victories in 3 months is not that bad. but that was when I have the time to play. If I were able to get balance sometime soon, and by soon would be about a year and a half or two years since I don't have that much time. If I knew something like losing negative stats may occur, I won't have done what I did in the past. The biggest problem I am having right now is I am near my personal max exp again. And in order to reduce these exp instead of using a wish point item (which I have done some time before), I would have to take some major stats deduction. dst may be able to help me reduce my experience faster but while she is not around, I relied on giving out burst at GGG. For each burst I offered, I get approximately 10 to 15 negative stats and probably more stat lost when I will be able to raise my max VE at the end of this month. In order to reduce my 28 million personal experience to a reasonable number that I can start training again, I would have to take no less than 100 negative stats possibly even more.

I understand your viewpoint on this matter No One and I respect your opinion. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. And I have mine as well. I hope not to offend you in anyway. I still have one wish point I have not use since none of the wishpoint item in the wish shop attracts me as much as this new idea here. This item will give me a chance to make my wish come true and that is why I am throwing this idea out there. On the down side, I am guilty because I don't know how much time Mur will have to spend on this. But on the plus side, this item will possibly by available only once to abstain further offsetting and also have the potential to restore the balance in the system after players knew and experience the downside of having an unbalance profile. This also help new incoming MP5 players who haven't the faintest idea what the heck is going on in MP5 (everyone seems to be giving them negative honor). They will be less incline to make their profile unbalance if everyone else is balanced. Or if they are balance and goes unbalance they will be motivated to complete a wish point quest in order to purchase the item in the wish shop.

I was also thinking about attacking all them MP2 account in GG in attempt to balance my profile as well, but not sure if I would want to ruin the fun. Mur said something about having a plan for them. They seem to disappear when players attack them so I am reluctanct to follow other's footstep.

Again No One. I am simply stating my opinion, and I am too lazy to continuing comment. Thank you for sharing your opinion :)

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  • Root Admin

Want other players views? ok heres mine



Its just too easy for a person to get balanced by using the GGG carefully and getting bursts, you can even get stats there while being unbalanced. Its just lazy for people who abused the system so that they would have positive honor to be able to press a button and get back to balanced. You put yourself in that hole, you should be able to move yourself out of that hole. I myself have 800 more losses than wins, but i am slowly working my way out.

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Sure thing Chewett ^_^ I am only suggesting an idea, and so I understand both yours and No One's view. I wish to speak out for others that share my view as well based on the number of votes wanting this wishpoint item. And so against your reason I have refutation. Not that I am challenging you or anyone else. I simply want to voice that others have share with me.

I didn't start out wanting an unbalanced profile. Many MP5 was already unbalance when I first got into MP5 (when there wasn't any penalty in place). It seems acceptable for me to set easy defence rituals and idle in public area to be attacked in order to be on the same level as others, because there wasn't any penalty back then and because that was the only way I can start attacking again. I too have met the frustration of having negative honor and was only able to attack players who gives positive honors. For some the honor problem still exist, but for me that is dealt with. But now lost comes too fast and wins (later turn to victory) comes to slow. Player who doesn't want to be unbalance went unbalance anyway. From times to times in game I encourage new MP5 players to hang along and wait for other MP to advance rather than listening to the advice of idling in places with weak rituals to gain more lost in order to get out of the honor frustration. I am guilty of encouraging some MP5 to idle to gain lost in the past but my view have change now. I simply want to make a reform so that the current MP5 isn't incline to go unbalance since it seems that some MP5 continues to encourage the new ones to do so. And then the extra bonus encourages players to remain unbalance as well. Then Lord behold the penalty for being unbalance sets in and I have little way of getting out unless I consistently attack other MP5 players or alliance players with stealife. And now I am having my stealife attacks MP5 or alliance players, majority of which now packs strong tokened creatures as defence. Lost comes more than victory still.

Also regarding GGG. It doesn't offer an easy way out as much as I first thought it would. If I count the total amount of win I have gotten there, it probably goes to more than thousands already. Actually achieved more than 100 Burst already. But only once in a while when a player or two offer a burst do I get a victory battle. I average about 3 to 5 victories a day. Then again there is a wish point option for max experience right? and we all know that that limitation is the easiest setback to overcome just by asking a friendly player to set a stealife ritual. Reducing personal experience back to zero is possible in just one day. That is an easy way out and probably the easier way compare to getting out off being unbalance which takes me about 3 months just to reduce my win/loss difference from 2000 to 1500. Prospectively speaking, it will take me approximately more than a year at the rate I am going. Possibly slower now that I am slowly starting to leave the boyish high school version of me behind and embarking the next step in real life.

Given a chance that I were a new MP5, I will try my best to maintain a balance now that I know the negative effects of getting unbalance. But that is because I have experience the negative side effect already. But to those that have only heard from players about the negative stats, they sure won't be waiting any longer than half a year to start training with other unbalance MP5. And temptation starts takes its role and unbalance starts to set in. MP4 now advances to MP5 only to find that some have gone unbalance. The cycle renews.

I am one player replying and encouraging new MP5 players to maintain their balance profile. Against others out their that views differently from myself, I lost. Possibly earning myself a title of crazy MP5. I still maintain the trust of those I have helped. But to have some of the MP5 players that I hadhelped wait on what now appears to be an empty promise. I do not want them to feel any sense of betrayal; and thus, I am voicing out for a possible quick solution. After all I believe MD is still in development. Mur has increased and decrease the personal experience from time to time in the past. And even though reducing personal experience was possible, he was very kind to accomodate for the experience limit setback by including a wishpoint item that lets player reset their personal experience back to zero. And so again I voice.

Again I wish not to offend anyone. Just wanting to promote this idea and to bring more viewers. By doing so (whether or not the wishpoint item is implemented) a cause have been presented. Hopefully more players will encourage new MP5 players to remain balance rather than going imbalance although it is a faster way start training with more players and get out of honor problem at the same time. (Just extra tips here: Players may get out of honor problem by successful joining an alliance).

Again Chewett and No One. I thank you thee for the opinions. Thoughts are meant to be express not suppress nor left unrest.

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